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Not what the community enjoys? I'm sure the community enjoys the fact that when they buy a new game, that it actually works. Just about 2 weeks now and I haven't even bothered finishing my first 3 day game in career mode. Like I said before, going exactly the same as C22. If I remember correctly C22 was released on the 2nd of December and the first patch that came through for Xbox was on the 24th of December. Here we go again...

And don't tell me about Microsoft delaying the release of patches. Let's be honest, how long after each new patch do we see new bugs introduced or old ones not properly fixed? So I wouldn't release a half-assed patch after testing it either. And I'm sure most of us here would agree. So it's time to step up BA. You can't copy and paste the exact same game, remove loads of features and still manage to stuff up the few things that were actually working in the previous games.

I've not tested the new patch as I'm away this week but until BA address the issues with Waste's C22 bats in the Academy I'll not bother with a career. I'm pretty big on the immersion factor and it grinds my gears to see county and international players with fake and let's face it, pretty crap looking bats, unchanged since 19(?)


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And still not one word from Matt regarding his in hindsight rosy tainted post over the state of the game. Its a shame that he, as a producer of the game, avid cricket gaming fan and one time staunch critic of the way in which cricket gaming customers have been treated by various companies throughout the years and is a prominent member and owner of this site, has nothing to say.
I've tried to make the point numerous times that my role isn't one where I am in a position to speak for the company - nearly every time I do post however people do take it as an official company line, so I need to post keeping that in mind, which pretty much will always lean towards me not posting.

I've always been a big fan of cricket games, and am very happy that I've been able to make a career out of trying to make one as good as it can be, there's a huge team in the same boat - a number of the QA team who have come from a similar background of being fans of cricket games (and our other sports) and coming in to the team - then having to read disgusting posts calling for them all to be fired, reading that about my colleagues and friends certainly isn't a way to get me to engage on here.

Anyway, to address your point - I made a post just as a few people were starting to see footage from people playing unpatched copies of the game - I wasn't trying to talk anything up beyond making it clear that people were seeing a game without a patch, and that the day one patch was substantial in content and improvements versus the disc build.

I'd stand by every word of that post, that there was feedback people were posting on things that were already addressed by the day one patch, but that we will look to take on board feedback after that point; I made a comment on the priorities of UI tasks, the HUD update that I said was already designed is now in the builds; and I said that I *hope* to convince our harshest critics once they get the chance to play.

Indeed I've said more or less the same thing repeatedly, I expect that people on this site will trust others on here rather than anything I say or that is in any marketing, as part of their purchasing decisions -
I know you'll all weigh stronger the opinions from others in the community you trust, people who get the game at launch and provide feedback and reviews on it, far more than anything made to build hype/excitement.

I'm sure there will be the healthy amount of scepticism with what is said in marketing, which is where that feedback from the community ends up driving most of the purchasing decisions from those here.

I know there's some strong critics in the thread, even if you're someone not convinced on day one, I hope there's stuff you'll see as people get the game, or if need be through post release updates that change your mind. I hope we can make even our harshest critics happy over time.

In the lead up to release I was just saying, let people try it, listen to people you trust in making your choice as to purchase. I get that at this point a lot of the feedback on the game is negative, so the thing I can do about that is to read it, review the things people bring up and see what I can get addressed, but any posts I'd make on here are in my own time through my personal use of the site - and for me come with the risks I'm taken out of context (such as by those weird twitter accounts) or say something people think is counter to something they've been told from the people whose job it is to actually correspond with the public in an official capacity, ie the support team through their official channels, the support site and the official forum.

On the other hand if you're talking about this,
But I'll give you a tiny tidbit - two of my personal favourite new features are audio related.

Here I was talking about Adam Gilchrist's commentary, and the regional stadium crowd/atmospheric audio. Obviously a lot of people aren't as happy with them as I was, but I've had the different region crowds as something I've wanted for a long time and was happy this game got to deliver it - the audio guys who work on it have taken on board a lot of feedback and are re-balancing and adjusting it to make it better. Likewise Gilchrist's commentary, I hear it from a delivery standpoint - he to me sounds really natural in game compared to the sometimes stilted delivery of some commentators who can't quite make the jump between live and video game. I think his commentary adds a lot, but there's work to be done on making the lines more accurate in terms of triggers and context.


Anyway, I try and choose my words carefully whenever I post, and then still have a situation where you've thought I've been overly rosy to the point of thinking I've misled people, but I genuinely don't know what I've said that could have given you that impression. That makes it even harder in my position to be active in replying - when those like yourself who have always engaged in good faith discussions are getting impressions much different than what I was trying to convey - then it's even worse once you throw in people off site or grabbing one line out of a long post.

At the end of the day, the main thing I think I can do is to take what people write on here and try and action it as best I can to improve the product.


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I think market forces will teach bugant a lesson.They have lost many fans.I mean these guys don't
Know what they are doing ,i have not seen such level of incompetence where to fix overpowered spinners the solution is to take spin out of game .


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May 24, 2017
I am pretty sure the game engine has reached it limits and now trying to fix one thing breaks other and that is primarily the reason they have yet to fix spinner not turning the ball issue because fixing it might introduce might break something else , same applies for fielding and in accurate commentary lines , isn’t it better to start fresh in new engine with new code and build the game slowly with cautious approach in order to avoid bugs , I think it’s far better than to keep trying to fix one thing and break other


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Nov 30, 2017
Can someone describe the regional crowd sounds? Like, if you play as South Africa in SA, is the crowd like a SA crowd? If I play in the West Indies, is the crowd like a West Indies crowd?


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Jul 10, 2016
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All they had to do was to make a dlc for C22 with the World Cup roster, the re-worked fielding and some better graphics . I would gladly have paid 50-70% of the new title for that dlc. Instead Mr. RS got greedy and have now lost some supporters. I took a chance to buy C24 and have to live with it just like C22. I just think that BA deserves to get shamed on all media platforms for lying to their supporters.


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Does DBC14 have sliders?
I mean the player sliders. If you set Rahul Dravid to 0 on everything and bowl at him, he behaves exactly the same way as if they were maxed out. People go on about DBC14 being the best in the franchise, but I never saw it. AC17 and even C24 at least throw up more interesting cricket, even if they are more janky.


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@MattW Thanks for your reply. Appreciated. And I can imagine that you are sick and tired of the negativity and of course any calls for anyone to be fired or whatever is indeed totally disgusting and has been moderated upon here. I myself have been sympathetic to the many hard working people who are trying to do their job to the best of their abilities within the context of the workplace.

I also stand by my posts that call into question of the way in which communication and feedback is handled. There seems to be a ravine between the 'community' (whatever that may be perceived to be) and the developers and any criticism even when justified is either seen as an attack or is dealt in a way that gives one the sense of being at fault for not understanding what they are seeing on their screen.

As with many places on this internet of ours things can get toxic very quickly and I can imagine people just switching off if they are dealing with abuse and unjustified negativity.

But the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater.

I am certain that many many people would be understanding and accomodating if they were kept in the loop more, helped to understand why things are the way they are.

The game boasts to be the best simulation of the sport, the game the way we want it to be and stuff like that. From the feedback and criticism from many purchasers of the game it seems they dont feel that to be the case and feel as if they have been given an old game for the price of a new one.

I for one would greatly appreciate a more open and candid conversation leading up towards the release of a game so people really know what they are buying into otherwise people are left with a sour tatste in the mouth and perhaps dont even care to see the good things which are there as well.

I appreciate this isnt your task but I think a better communication would make a better game and a better community experience.


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Jun 18, 2018
The ones who do post info about the game as “devs” are either authorised to do so or are part of the marketing themselves mate. In any case they said the devs don’t talk about the company’s business which does hold true.
They were talking in reference to why Matt has stopped responding about the state of the game. He said the only ones that ever respond publicly are only those in marketing and it’s isn’t true, hence why I asked if his experiences were in gaming…or just in general. I’ve both seen, and even directly spoken with, many who speak.

It’s honestly just a matter of studio policies, but it is not some widespread industry thing, as they suggested.

Ao tennis sold well but not better than Cricket 22 , according to vg insights,which is pretty accurate for most games. And not even close to cricket 19
Ao tennis 2
cricket 22
cricket 19
Isn’t this only for steam though?
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Why don't they just add a turn slider? The people who do enjoy spin can crank it up and the community that doesn't enjoy spin can set it to 0.
In my opinion, it may not be a design choice. It could very well be something that’s not fixable without breaking something else
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