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Oct 26, 2008
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DBC 14 Records/Leaderboards

Hello everyone,
I have noticed that all the record threads are scattered over the forum.
We can do something different here.
First of all, I dont own a console so still waiting for the pc release so im quite unaware of the official leaderboards (how many stats they have)

So, i created an unofficial leaderboard.

Post screenshots of your PERSONAL best record you have in any of your save game. Your username will be registered. I have given some examples in a sample table created. Head to the below link and see. It will be updated as we get more records and users.

All the columns are SORTABLE.

All the columns can be FILTERED. You can also use CONDITIONAL operators in it. For eg. If you want to see highscores only above 100. Type >100 below High score column. Rest will be filtered.

The overall rank will be denoted by TOTAL RECORD POINTS (in red colour). It is also the default initial sort order.

The record points will be calculated by adding 'assigned' points to each record category. eg the 1st rank in highscore gets 5 points. 2nd rank gets 4 points. 3rd rank gets 3 points and so on. (I need suggestions for this. How to calculate and how much points to assign for each record. Or to simply scrap this! ;) )

So, if anyone interested, post details here. You need to apply like
Record set : xccvvvav
with screenshots of the concerned screens.

Note : I need more suggestions for records to make this better?

Link to the table :-
Don Bradman Cricket 14 Records/Leaderboards

Try sorting and filtering with odi highscore. This is just a sample table. Real table gets live once we get the records.

At the moment, only international records are included. Will add domestic later on. First I need to know the complete features of the game! Im yet to play it! lol. So any suggestions are most welcome.

I will draft the way to calculate leaderboard points soon, help me in that too.. :cheers


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Jul 8, 2009
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I'm starting a OFFICIAL unofficial leaderboard... Do everything mentioned in the above post, but include a photo of a photo of you playing the game as a snapchat...


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Nov 5, 2009
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What's all this fascination with leaderboards? I guess Big Ant were on to something when they made certain design decisions based on the online leaderboards.

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