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Dimensions of a Cricket Field

Discussion in 'General Cricket Forum' started by jeromedascorp, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. I need some information. Could someone help me out? Next year I am going to attend a college here in the US where they want to start their own cricket team. I need to know what the smallest cricket ground in the world is and its dimensions. We might use the soccer field which isnt as wide as a cricket ground. So I need toknow what the smallest known size is. All members please help me out. Remember to write the units of measure down! Meters is fine with me.
  2. pal Guest

    What college, man? I know it's offtopic, but just couldn't resist..... :P :P

    I wish it is OSU..... -_- -_-
  3. Stevens Institute of Technology in Hobiken, NJ. sum1 gimme an idea of smallest cricket field pls!!
  4. pal Guest

    What is the approximate size of the soccer ground? this would help a lot....
  5. Soccer field in Colleges:
    70 yards [64.01m] by 115 yards [105.15m]. This is the minimum btw. They might have a larger area, but I doubt it since the College is one of the more crowded towns in NJ.
  6. ricky123 Guest

    :D i thikn the smallest cricket ground is in singapore, dont know the dimensions......
  7. deadduck Guest

    you need an oval at least 100m on the short diameter and probably 120 on the long diameter to have a decent sized cricket ground, and that is still very small. A soccer or rugby field is too small, they're not long or wide enough.

    I've played on grounds that have been really small, perhaps 80m on the long diameter. It ruins the game as it makes fielding extremely difficult and bowlers lose all confidence.
  8. deadduck Guest

    I don't think anyone will know what the smallest in the world are, but recommended dimensions can be found here
  9. thx for the help deadduck. Ill have to measure the field there and see. One club did play a cricket match there though. Most of their boundaries were down the ground, which was the shorter diameter. But I remember in India when I watched my school play a match at a small ground, they just bowled only from one side, but made the boundary behind the keeper 2 instead of 4. Dunno. Maybe the field is a bit wider. I hope so. But first they need to pass a budget for the club. Only after that can we do anything.
  10. wackojacko International Cricketer

    Sep 26, 2003
    i have played on one of the smallest feilds, Fairview Park in Camberwell, Victoria.

    the distance from the pitch and the bottem left side of the boundary was 10-15 metres.

    BTW the Yarra River passes past that side too, so the ball get lost quite often
  11. rasi Guest

    Looks like if you put me in your team, I could score in sixes. :lol: :lol:

    Remember, I am a left-hander, so that would mean that the backward point/third man boundary is the smallest. I would love to play in a ground like that. :D
  12. rasi Guest

    Playing in the center pitch of our PCG (Palmyrah Cricket Ground), you will get square boundaries 80 metres on sither side, and the straight is a 105 metres long. It is very difficult to hit a six out there.
  13. wackojacko International Cricketer

    Sep 26, 2003
    not when ur bowling though!

    i got hit for 3 sixes and a 4 in 1 over, because the rest of the ground isnt much bigger, plus its a synthetic pitch

    BTW the last time i played there was 3 years ago in year nine
  14. rasi Guest

    But I never bowl. :D :D :lol:

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