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Has Baresi nicked that: umpire thinks so as does wicket keeper T'Valii: oh my. Is this another Dutch collapse on its way?

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Oh My when you thought it could get no worse! Rippon has found himself an inch short of the crease, beaten by the spin of Olopto and stumped! What a day at the office: Rick Adams has no hair left to pull out!


Daan van Bunge comes in with the Dutch once again reeling under their own misdoings. From 31 to 54 for 4 with just one boundary coming from the last 7 overs. Holland in trouble once again. Is pressure mounting on Rick Adams so early in the season or are there twists and turns yet?

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The Dutch looking to build a little bit of a partnership and runs flowing again as Cooper smashes one towards....oh my what a catch! What a catch. Cooper cannot believe it. That looked to be racing to the boundary but a wonderful diving effort at point by Vareedi snaffles another! Cooper will feel himself unlucky there. He really middled a bouncing ball: but not his day! Vagana picks up another!

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In comes captain Peter Borren; I am sure a little earlier than he would have hoped!


Borren wastes no time: cleanly struck. Risky as it was in the air but it clears the field.

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Another questionable Fiji review! They have none left now. Still that wont bother them too much. The Dutch are gifting them wickets!

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Talk about gifts: Bunge is way out of his ground: there was a fumble in the covers, Bunge set off for a single....wanted to turn back but Borren kept on running....desperate stuff....out of his ground, out of his mind and the Dutch well and truly out of this game!!!

That will be six thanks very much.......and that will be all....oh what a terrible shot! The first one he middled....the second one he put a ribbon round and put in a letter straight to mid-off....horrible, horrible stuff! Rick Adams is absolutely livid, absolutely livid! If you cant rely on your captain to keep a cool head who can you rely on?

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[DOUBLEPOST=1411919366][/DOUBLEPOST]Bukhari....oh what have you done...another mix up...yes, no, yes, no......Gone!!!! Shakespeare couldn't have written it any better: A Comedy of Errors! Farsical stuff!

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And that is that........easy stuff for Fiji, helped by inept shot selection and absolute confusion running between the wickets: do the Dutch have anything at all in the locker to make life difficult for Fiji? They have pace in the bowling department and generally field well....can they put Fiji under pressure. They dont deserve anything from this game but Fiji are frail too....join us for the Fiji innings shortly!

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So after the innings break out come Afaeaki and Lamming to get this innings off and running. On paper an easy score: but as anyone who has attempted origami will attest to, paper isn't always easy!

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[DOUBLEPOST=1411920754][/DOUBLEPOST]Its Timm van der Gugten who gets the new ball in the hands: can he make some damage and put the Fijians under early pressure?

But its Bukhari who strikes from the Victoria Road End: angling in and just in front! Umpire raises the finger of dread! Fiji under pressure! Game on???

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In comes Christopher Lutuli to make his World League Pro 40 debut. Big moment for the lad here.

Six overs and the Dutch have kept things tight. There are not a lot of runs to play with here and wickets are of the esscence.....

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Good tight bowling here: no room to wriggle for the batsmen..........

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Bukhari gets another! Sharp low down catch to his left off his own bowling! Stunning reflexes! Simply stunning catch........Lutuli's little cameo is over.....he looked assured but a drive that looked to have been hit smartly found its way at ankle height to a lunging Bukhari on his run through.....expect to see that one a few times on your tellies tonight!

2014-09-27_00285.jpg[DOUBLEPOST=1411921747][/DOUBLEPOST]The Dutch are Cock a Hoop! They feel they have got a's a small one but it's a chance.....

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Afaeaki 50 gives Fiji deserved victory over sorry Dutch

A rather pathetic display from the Dutch and a controlled and at times wonderfully aggressive knock from Fijian opening batsman Afaeaki gave Fiji the points at a rather subdued Wellington Park.

None of the Dutch bowlers were able to contain Afaeaki and his team mate Olopto as the punished a wayward Dutch bowling effort.

It is hard to see Bertram Westdijk holding his place for the next game.

Dutch coach, Rick Adams was at a loss to explain todays loss: we come off a couple of good outings and then put up a performance like this. There were some harsh words said and we need to let the dust settle and pick over where we need to improve......

That shouldn't be all to difficult one would have thought.....everywhere!

A Fine Knock Sir, a Fine Knock Indeed!

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Victory and All The Proof You Need!

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