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Bangladesh v Australia - 1st Test - at Mirpur - 2017

- 22 - A carefully prepared home track that will certainly favour the spinners later in the match.
Batting should be relatively easy for the first couple of days but thereafter the spinners should find things increasingly in their favour.
Not much in it for the quickies at any time.

Day 1 Starting Pitch: - 5 - Normal Wicket

Day 1 Weather: - 3 - Sunny, some cloud about

Bangladesh won an important Toss and batted first on a pitch which will offer more help to the spinners as the match progresses.
A brilliant double hundred to opening batsman Tamim Iqbal was the highlight of a large Bangladesh total.
Tamim added 181 for the 4th wicket with captain Shakib Al Hasan to put their side in a strong position.
Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood were the pick of the bowlers for Australia while Nathan Lyon was poor on a pitch which had not yet begun to turn.

Bangladesh Vs Australia
Bangladesh 1st Innings 428/10 All Out (Overs 113.5)

Tamim Iqbalc MS Wadeb JR Hazlewood201314272135
Imrul Kayesb JR Hazlewood8512000
Mominul Haquec DA Warnerb SNJ O'Keefe24595610
Sabbir Rahmanlbwb HWR Cartwright41616340
Shakib Al Hasan*c MS Wadeb JR Hazlewood8816012861
Mushfiqur Rahim+not out291227120
Nasir Hossainb JR Hazlewood04200
Mehidy Hasan Mirazc DA Warnerb MA Starc6302200
Taskin Ahmedc DA Warnerb MA Starc010600
Taijul Islamc NM Lyonb MA Starc17433800
Mustafizur Rahmanlbwb SNJ O'Keefe0131300
extras(b5 lb1 w4 nb4)14
TOTAL10 wickets for428
1-42(Imrul Kayes) 2-94(Mominul Haque) 3-184(Sabbir Rahman) 4-365(Tamim Iqbal)
5-380(Shakib Al Hasan) 6-380(Nasir Hossain) 7-393(Mehidy Hasan Miraz) 8-395(Taskin Ahmed)
9-421(Taijul Islam) 10-428(Mustafizur Rahman)
MA Starc203683
JR Hazlewood241714
MR Marsh120490
NM Lyon2921210
SNJ O'Keefe22.52842
SPD Smith30170
HWR Cartwright30121


Tamim Iqbal celebrates his brilliant double century in the 1st Test v Australia at Mirpur

Bangladesh v Australia - 1st Test - at Mirpur - 2017

Hundreds to opener David Warner and captain Steve Smith got Australia back into the game and gave their team a 1st innings lead of 60.
The lower order fell away after a good start with the Bangladesh spinners finally getting some reward for their toil.
Mustafizur Rahman was punished for over 100 at close to 5 an over meaning their might be a change for the 2nd Test.

Bangladesh Vs Australia
Australia 1st Innings 488/10 All Out (Overs 137.3)

DA Warner b Mehidy Hasan Miraz156268239172
JA Burnsc Imrul Kayesb Shakib Al Hasan391118831
Usman Khawaja b Taijul Islam27364020
SPD Smith*c Mominul Haqueb Shakib Al Hasan155228193170
HWR Cartwright b Shakib Al Hasan4714712810
MR Marshc Mushfiqur Rahimb Taijul Islam3201500
MS Wade+c Mominul Haqueb Mehidy Hasan Miraz7282300
MA Starc b Taijul Islam20535100
SNJ O'Keefec Sabbir Rahmanb Mehidy Hasan Miraz2343600
NM Lyonnot out 2161100
JR Hazlewoodc Nasir Hossainb Mehidy Hasan Miraz5101200
extras (b12 lb2 w5 nb6)25
TOTAL 10 wickets for488
1-117(JA Burns) 2-156(Usman Khawaja) 3-328(DA Warner) 4-432(SPD Smith)
5-442(MR Marsh) 6-452(HWR Cartwright) 7-464(MS Wade) 8-478(SNJ O'Keefe)
9-481(MA Starc) 10-488(JR Hazlewood)
Taskin Ahmed153480
Mustafizur Rahman2111030
Shakib Al Hasan3661003
Mehidy Hasan Miraz29.34914
Taijul Islam2921013
Nasir Hossain41210
Mominul Haque30100

Bangladesh v Australia - 1st Test - at Mirpur - 2017

The Bangladesh top 4 all passed 50 in the home side's 2nd innings with Mominul Haque going on to a patient century to set Australia a victory target of 301.
Nathan Lyon took 5 wickets to partially make up for his poor first innings performance and there were 4 wickets to Steve O'Keefe as well as the wicket began to favour the spinners.
With the wicket now Taking Spin the home side appear to be in with a good chance of a win.

Bangladesh Vs Australia
Bangladesh 2nd Innings 360/10 All Out (Overs 118)

Tamim Iqbal c&b NM Lyon7217314541
Imrul Kayes b NM Lyon581088160
Mominul Haquec DA Warnerb SNJ O'Keefe115304253110
Sabbir Rahmanc MS Wadeb JR Hazlewood5513911510
Shakib Al Hasan*c DA Warnerb SNJ O'Keefe17584330
Mushfiqur Rahim+lbwb NM Lyon8161410
Nasir Hossainc DA Warnerb SNJ O'Keefe11403000
Mehidy Hasan Mirazlbwb NM Lyon23500
Taskin Ahmedlbwb NM Lyon07600
Taijul Islamlbwb SNJ O'Keefe3181300
Mustafizur Rahmannot out 5121400
extras (b3 lb0 w5 nb6)14
TOTAL 10 wickets for360
1-89(Imrul Kayes) 2-146(Tamim Iqbal) 3-267(Sabbir Rahman) 4-312(Shakib Al Hasan)
5-330(Mushfiqur Rahim) 6-349(Mominul Haque) 7-351(Mehidy Hasan Miraz)
8-351(Taskin Ahmed) 9-351(Nasir Hossain) 10-360(Taijul Islam)
MA Starc203700
JR Hazlewood237521
MR Marsh100490
NM Lyon3551165
SNJ O'Keefe275564
SPD Smith20120
HWR Cartwright1020

Bangladesh v Australia - 1st Test - at Mirpur - 2017

On a wicket heavily in favour of the spinners and Taking Spin the visitors collapsed for a total of 156 to lose the match to Bangladesh by 144 runs.
Mehidy Hasan Miraz was the star, taking 6-49 to finish with 10 wickets in the match, and he received good support from Shakib Al Hasan who took the other 4 wickets.
Losing the Toss seemed the decisive factor in Australia's loss, forcing them to bat last on a a very difficult wicket, though better bowling would have given them a chance.
Tamim Iqbal was named Man of the Match for his brilliant batting with scores of 201 and 72 during the match.

Bangladesh won by 144 runs

Man of the Match:
Tamim Iqbal

Bangladesh Vs Australia
Australia 2nd Innings 156/10 All Out (Overs 51)

DA Warner c&b Mehidy Hasan Miraz45684970
JA Burns b Mehidy Hasan Miraz14604800
Usman Khawajac Mehidy Hasan Mirazb Shakib Al Hasan46828320
SPD Smith* b Mehidy Hasan Miraz11222310
HWR Cartwrightc Imrul Kayesb Mehidy Hasan Miraz4201800
MR Marsh b Mehidy Hasan Miraz14332110
MS Wade+ b Shakib Al Hasan7452900
MA Starcc Sabbir Rahmanb Shakib Al Hasan12300
SNJ O'Keefec Taijul Islamb Shakib Al Hasan9253000
NM Lyonlbwb Mehidy Hasan Miraz02100
JR Hazlewoodnot out 05500
extras (b1 lb0 w3 nb1)5
TOTAL 10 wickets for156
1-46(JA Burns) 2-61(DA Warner) 3-85(SPD Smith) 4-99(HWR Cartwright)
5-139(Usman Khawaja) 6-139(MR Marsh) 7-140(MA Starc) 8-154(SNJ O'Keefe)
9-154(NM Lyon) 10-156(MS Wade)
Taskin Ahmed61170
Mustafizur Rahman60240
Shakib Al Hasan140414
Mehidy Hasan Miraz153496
Taijul Islam100240

Mehidy 2.jpg

Mehidy Hasan Miraz took 6-49 to finish the match with 10 wickets and bowl his team to the win

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