Good News For Nvidia/Windows 10 Players - FIXED!


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Jan 30, 2015
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I can confirm that following the most recent Windows Updates I am now able to play the game with my Nvidia Graphics card again! I even managed to use Nvidia Share to record my game play with no problems at all.

So, make sure you have completed all your Windows Updates and I recommend you to use the latest Nvidia Driver that is available from the manufacturers' site of your PC - not the ones that Nvidia Geforce Experience will try to download automatically and not the ones from Nvidia's own website - it's always better to use the graphics drivers released by the manufacturer of your PC because they are optimised specifically for your PC. For example, I am using the latest Nvidia Graphics Driver provided by Dell for my XPS 9550 from Dell's website - I do not allow Geforce Experience to update itself with new drivers as these would then be overwritten. If you have a custom built PC then try to get your driver from whoever's name is plastered all over your graphics card, if you have for example an: XFX GeForce GT 240 - then download the latest driver from the XFX website and so on.

I'm also playing with "Game Mode" enabled/on in the Windows Gaming Settings - I haven't yet tested to see if the performance is better with it off or whether it's actually necessary to have it on for the game to function.

Finally, if you have been playing with an Intel Graphics Processing Chip for a while then you may want to consider deleting the display.opt file inside your AC09 Documents folder and allowing the game to generate a new one for you when you open it.
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