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Pakistan A v New Zealanders - 4 day match - at Rawalpindi - 1980/1 - Pakistan A 1st Innings

Contrasting hundreds to Mudassar Nazar and Wasim Raja set up a strong Pakistan A total of 340 all out.
The last wicket pair of Iqbal Qasim and Sikander Bakht frustrated the New Zealanders in adding 44 to swell the lead to 94.
Ewan Chatfield was the best of a steady New Zealand attack, while offspinner John Bracewell's form would be a concern heading into the Tests.

Pakistan A 1st Innings 340/10 All Out (Overs 120.2)

Mudassar Nazar b MC Snedden10025721580
Mohsin Khanc JFM Morrisonb MG Burgess15635520
Mansoor Akhtarc WK Leesb MG Burgess28900
Majid Khan*c JFM Morrisonb JG Bracewell28767710
Haroon Rasheedc WK Leesb EJ Chatfield03200
Wasim Rajac JFM Morrisonb EJ Chatfield108187143102
Wasim Bari+ b MC Snedden24947410
Sarfraz Nawazlbwb EJ Chatfield02100
Tauseef Ahmed b EJ Chatfield219900
Iqbal Qasimnot out 291037300
Sikander Bakht b BL Cairns22887300
extras (b2 lb0 w6 nb2)10
TOTAL 10 wickets for340
1-37(Mohsin Khan) 2-39(Mansoor Akhtar) 3-100(Majid Khan) 4-104(Haroon Rasheed)
5-229(Mudassar Nazar) 6-286(Wasim Raja) 7-286(Sarfraz Nawaz) 8-288(Wasim Bari)
9-296(Tauseef Ahmed) 10-340(Sikander Bakht)
EJ Chatfield328704
MC Snedden256702
BL Cairns19.22541
JG Bracewell273991
MG Burgess124322
JFM Morrison51130

Ewan Chatfield.jpg
Ewan Chatfield took 4 wickets for the New Zealanders
Pakistan A v New Zealanders - 4 day match - at Rawalpindi - 1980/1 - New Zealanders 2nd Innings

Bruce Edgar's 86 was the highlight of the New Zealanders 2nd innings of 247 all out, as the visitors set Pakistan A a target of 154 on an Uneven pitch.
Wickets were shared around by the Pakistan A bowlers with Wasim Raja continuing his good allround game.

New Zealanders 2nd Innings 247/10 All Out (Overs 109.2)

GM Turnerc Majid Khanb Wasim Raja281106720
BA Edgarc Majid Khanb Mudassar Nazar8622921460
GP Howarth* b Tauseef Ahmed8443710
JM Parker b Iqbal Qasim9434100
JFM Morrisonlbwb Sikander Bakht311209600
MG Burgess b Wasim Raja23514510
WK Lees+st Wasim Barib Iqbal Qasim03500
JG Bracewellc Majid Khanb Mudassar Nazar221108110
BL Cairns b Wasim Raja23424430
MC Sneddenst Wasim Barib Tauseef Ahmed1121300
EJ Chatfieldnot out 5191900
extras (b4 lb1 w1 nb5)11
TOTAL 10 wickets for247

1-67(GM Turner) 2-92(GP Howarth) 3-120(JM Parker) 4-147(BA Edgar) 5-182(MG Burgess)
6-185(WK Lees) 7-202(JFM Morrison) 8-233(BL Cairns) 9-237(MC Snedden)
10-247(JG Bracewell)

Sarfraz Nawaz164350
Sikander Bakht163321
Mudassar Nazar11.22272
Majid Khan82220
Iqbal Qasim264622
Tauseef Ahmed174342
Wasim Raja154303

Wasim Raja 4.jpg
Wasim Raja took 3 wickets for Pakistan A
Pakistan A v New Zealanders - 4 day match - at Rawalpindi - 1980/1 - Match Summary

Pitch: (pre 1988) - 27 (6,3,7,9) - The wicket looks green and the groundsman reports problems in it's preparation. It seems probable that it will favour the bowlers later in the match.
Weather: 6,2,2,2
Toss: New Zealanders
Pakistan A won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Wasim Raja

New Zealanders 246 all out (B.A.Edgar 66, M.G.Burgess 61, W.K.Lees 42, B.L.Cairns 31; Sarfraz Nawaz 3-51, Sikander Bakht 3-36)
Pakistan A 340 all out (Mudassar Nazar 100, Wasim Raja 108; E.J.Chatfield 4-70)
New Zealanders 247 all out (B.A.Edgar 86, J.F.M.Morrison 31; Wasim Raja 3-30)
Pakistan A 156/5 (Mohsin Khan 35, Majid Khan 32, Haroon Rasheed 69; J.G.Bracewell 4-44)

Wasim Raja 5.jpg
Wasim Raja picked up his 2nd Man of the Match award
Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sialkot - 1980/1 - Match Preview

After some inconsistent form in the warmup games New Zealand face a strong Pakistan side in the 1st Test at Sialkot.
Pakistan start as heavy favourites in view of a pitch which will favour the spinners throughout, having picked 3 spinners for this match.
With the conditions in mind New Zealand have picked 2 specialist spinners and 2 batsmen who also bowl part time spin, with Chatfield winning the race to partner Hadlee with the New Ball.

Pitch: (pre 1988) - 71 - The surface already appears to be cracking and will probably help the spinners throughout.
Day 1 Starting Pitch: 8A - Some Help for Spinners
Day 1 Weather: 1 - Hot and Humid
Injuries: Sadiq Mohammad (back strain - 1 match)

Pakistan: Mudassar Nazar, Taslim Arif (wk), Mansoor Akhtar, Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbas, Majid Khan, Wasim Raja, Imran Khan, Sarfraz Nawaz, Tauseef Ahmed, Iqbal Qasim

New Zealand: J.G.Wright, B.A.Edgar, G.P.Howarth (c), J.F.M.Morrison, M.G.Burgess, J.V.Coney, W.K.Lees (wk), R.J.Hadlee, J.G.Bracewell, E.J.Chatfield, S.L.Boock

Sialkot 2.jpg
Jinnah Park, Sialkot, hosts the 1st Test between Pakistan and New Zealand in 1980/1
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Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sialkot - 1980/1

Mudassar Nazar and Wasim Raja continued their good form from the Pakistan A game, the pair again posting centuries in a dominant Pakistan total of 536.
Only playing because Sadiq Mohammad was injured, Mudassar made the most of the opportunity, going on to a Test best at the time of 163.
With the weather Humid on Day 1 and aiding Swing deliveries and already offering Some Help to the Spinners, the New Zealanders had bowled poorly.
Stephen Boock took 4 wickets in 45 overs of steady left arm spin, but with Zaheer Abbas and Majid Khan also posting half centuries the home side were in complete control.

Pakistan 1st Innings 536/10 All Out (Overs 167.4)

Mudassar Nazar b SL Boock16340033160
Taslim Arif+st WK Leesb SL Boock5593400
Mansoor Akhtar b MG Burgess24625920
Javed Miandad b SL Boock26453840
Zaheer Abbas b JG Bracewell541189760
Majid Khanlbwb EJ Chatfield8418614691
Wasim Raja b EJ Chatfield11423516273
Imran Khan* b SL Boock43849622
Sarfraz Nawazc JV Coneyb RJ Hadlee35600
Tauseef Ahmedc JFM Morrisonb RJ Hadlee2332400
Iqbal Qasimnot out 2302400
extras (b5 lb0 w5 nb6)16
TOTAL 10 wickets for536

1-31(Taslim Arif) 2-86(Mansoor Akhtar) 3-136(Javed Miandad) 4-239(Zaheer Abbas)
5-319(Mudassar Nazar) 6-406(Majid Khan) 7-487(Imran Khan) 8-490(Sarfraz Nawaz)
9-526(Tauseef Ahmed) 10-536(Wasim Raja)

RJ Hadlee334932
EJ Chatfield28.44942
JV Coney203670
SL Boock4581224
JG Bracewell251991
MG Burgess100351
JFM Morrison60210

Mudassar Nazar top scored for Pakistan with 163
Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sialkot - 1980/1 - New Zealand 1st Innings

The Pakistan spinners took 7 wickets between them in a good allround bowling display that saw New Zealand dismissed on a wicket now Taking Spin for just 129.
With the wicket set to get worse later in the match and plenty of time left Pakistan captain Imran Khan elected to bat again 407 runs ahead rather than enforce the follow on.
Nightwatchman Warren Lees and allrounder Jeremy Coney were New Zealand's only resistance in a disappointing effort with the bat.

New Zealand 1st Innings 129/10 All Out (Overs 70.5)

JG Wright b Mudassar Nazar19955820
BA Edgarc Taslim Arifb Imran Khan3191200
GP Howarth*lbwb Sarfraz Nawaz3262200
WK Lees b Tauseef Ahmed2812910030
JFM Morrisonc Iqbal Qasimb Wasim Raja7333400
MG Burgess b Tauseef Ahmed39500
JV Coneyc Mudassar Nazarb Wasim Raja4211411710
RJ Hadleec Wasim Rajab Iqbal Qasim4161200
JG Bracewellc Zaheer Abbasb Iqbal Qasim8635800
EJ Chatfieldlbwb Iqbal Qasim011800
SL Boocknot out 17700
extras (b3 lb0 w1 nb7)11
TOTAL 10 wickets for129

1-5(BA Edgar) 2-15(GP Howarth) 3-33(JG Wright) 4-42(JFM Morrison) 5-50(MG Burgess)
6-80(WK Lees) 7-96(RJ Hadlee) 8-128(JV Coney) 9-128(JG Bracewell)
10-129(EJ Chatfield)

Imran Khan104141
Sarfraz Nawaz101191
Mudassar Nazar4151
Majid Khan3050
Iqbal Qasim18.57263
Tauseef Ahmed154272
Wasim Raja103302

Iqbal Qasim took 3 wickets on a hepful surface
Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sialkot - 1980/1 - Pakistan 2nd Innings

The Pakistan batsmen struggled in their 2nd innings on a pitch that was Taking Spin, with the New Zealand spinners sharing 8 wickets.
Offspinner John Bracewell was the best of the bowlers with 4 wickets, but Pakistan did enough to set New Zealand a target of over 500 on a pitch that will be Breaking Up at some point on Day 5.

Pakistan 2nd Innings 125/10 All Out (Overs 69.2)

Mudassar Nazarc EJ Chatfieldb RJ Hadlee9413800
Taslim Arif+c RJ Hadleeb MG Burgess11774800
Mansoor Akhtarrun out JG Bracewell5261700
Javed Miandadlbwb MG Burgess8302600
Zaheer Abbasc WK Leesb JFM Morrison2262200
Majid Khanb JG Bracewell9232020
Wasim Rajac GP Howarthb SL Boock12737710
Imran Khan*c GP Howarthb JG Bracewell28878200
Sarfraz Nawazb JG Bracewell21423521
Tauseef Ahmednot out10323100
Iqbal Qasimlbwb JG Bracewell4242200
extras(b4 lb0 w1 nb1)6
TOTAL10 wickets for125
1-14(Mudassar Nazar) 2-25(Mansoor Akhtar) 3-33(Taslim Arif) 4-38(Javed Miandad)
5-38(Zaheer Abbas) 6-47(Majid Khan) 7-77(Wasim Raja) 8-110(Imran Khan)
9-113(Sarfraz Nawaz) 10-125(Iqbal Qasim)
RJ Hadlee62101
EJ Chatfield6380
JV Coney2140
SL Boock259391
JG Bracewell18.27354
MG Burgess81152
JFM Morrison41101

John Bracewell 2.jpg
John Bracewell took 4 wickets with his offspin
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Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st Test - at Sialkot - 1980/1 - New Zealand 2nd Innings

Pakistan left arm spinner Iqbal Qasim took 5-43 off 31 overs as New Zealand were shot out cheaply a second time to lose the 1st Test by 400 runs.
With the pitch Taking Spin they had no chance of survival, the pitch finally changing to Breaking Up just before the end of their innings.
Man of the Match was Pakistan opener Mudassar Nazar who set up a huge 1st innings total with a big hundred.

New Zealand 2nd Innings 132/10 All Out (Overs 83.4)

JG Wrightb Tauseef Ahmed27734720
BA Edgarc Taslim Arifb Sarfraz Nawaz2241200
GP Howarth*c Majid Khanb Iqbal Qasim15534510
JFM Morrisonlbwb Wasim Raja2191300
MG Burgesslbwb Tauseef Ahmed04500
JV Coneyb Iqbal Qasim3412612010
WK Lees+c Wasim Rajab Iqbal Qasim6576300
RJ Hadleec Mansoor Akhtarb Iqbal Qasim6261900
JG Bracewelllbwb Iqbal Qasim26737210
EJ Chatfieldnot out3816900
SL Boockc Mudassar Nazarb Sarfraz Nawaz4404100
extras(b3 lb0 w3 nb1)7
TOTAL10 wickets for132
1-12(BA Edgar) 2-44(JG Wright) 3-44(GP Howarth) 4-45(MG Burgess) 5-51(JFM Morrison)
6-73(WK Lees) 7-84(RJ Hadlee) 8-103(JV Coney) 9-126(JG Bracewell) 10-132(SL Boock)
Imran Khan81240
Sarfraz Nawaz7.41142
Mudassar Nazar2110
Majid Khan1050
Iqbal Qasim3110435
Tauseef Ahmed239292
Wasim Raja116131

Iqbal Qasim.jpg
Iqbal Qasim took 5-43 off 31 overs
Pakistan v New Zealand - 1st Test - 1980/1 - Match Summary

Pitch: (pre 1988) - 71 (8A,8,10) - The surface already appears to be cracking and will probably help the spinners throughout.
Weather: 1,4,3,3,4
Toss: Pakistan
Pakistan won by 400 runs
Man of the Match: Mudassar Nazar

Pakistan 536 all out (Mudassar Nazar 163, Zaheer Abbas 54, Majid Khan 84, Wasim Raja 114, Imran Khan 43; S.L.Boock 4-122)
New Zealand 129 all out (J.V.Coney 42; Iqbal Qasim 3-26)
Pakistan 125 all out (J.G.Bracewell 4-35)
New Zealand 132 all out (J.V.Coney 34; Iqbal Qasim 5-43)

Mudassar 2.jpg
Mudassar Nazar won the Man of the Match award
Pakistan Board President's XI v New Zealanders - 3 day match - at Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad - 1980/1 - Match Preview

Coming off a big loss in the 1st Test the New Zealanders come up against a Pakistan Board Presiden't XI in a 3 day match at Hyderabad.
With changes expected to the New Zealand XI for the 2nd Test this looms as an important game for some of the fringe members of their squad.

Pitch: (pre 1988) - 15 - A straw coloured track, baked hard by the sun. Should produce plenty of runs until it begins to break up.
Day 1 Starting Pitch: 2 - Good Batting Wicket
Day 1 Weather: 6 - Light Cloud

Pakistan Board President's XI: Shoaib Mohammad, Rizwan-uz-Zaman, Mansoor Akhtar, Saleem Malik (c), Atif Rauf, Wasim Raja, Saleem Yousuf (wk), Naved Anjum, Tahir Naqqash, Mohammad Nazir, Iqbal Qasim

New Zealanders: J.G.Wright, G.M.Turner, J.F.Reid, J.M.Parker, J.F.M.Morrison, M.G.Burgess (c), I.D.S.Smith (wk), J.G.Bracewell, M.C.Snedden, G.B.Troup, S.L.Boock

Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad, hosts a 3 day game
Pakistan Board President's XI v New Zealanders - 3 day match - at Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad - 1980/1 -

Shoaib Mohammad and Rizwan-uz-Zaman gave the home side a good start, the pair posting half centuries after a good opening stand.
An unbeaten half century to Atif Rauf allowed the Pakistan Board President's XI to declare their innings closed at 277/7.
The New Zealanders spinners Stephen Boock and John Bracewell were given a long bowl on a flat pitch and picked up a couple of wickets each.

Pakistan Board President's XI 1st Innings 277/7 Declared (Overs 96)

Shoaib Mohammadc JM Parkerb JG Bracewell669310540
Rizwan-uz-Zamanlbwb JG Bracewell8325620260
Mansoor Akhtarc JG Wrightb SL Boock26737310
Saleem Malik*lbwb MG Burgess18464510
Atif Raufnot out5112110340
Wasim Rajac GM Turnerb SL Boock2121700
Saleem Yousuf+c IDS Smithb MC Snedden0221300
Naved Anjumb GB Troup16372710
Tahir Naqqashnot out06500
Mohammad Nazir jnrdnb
Iqbal Qasimdnb
extras(b1 lb0 w7 nb7)15
TOTAL7 wickets for277

1-89(Shoaib Mohammad) 2-148(Mansoor Akhtar) 3-195(Saleem Malik)
4-235(Rizwan-uz-Zaman) 5-241(Wasim Raja) 6-249(Saleem Yousuf) 7-276(Naved Anjum)

GB Troup203561
MC Snedden152431
SL Boock316912
JG Bracewell161552
MG Burgess84201
JFM Morrison62110

Rizwan-uz-Zaman top scored with 83
Pakistan Board President's XI v New Zealanders - 3 day match - at Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad - 1980/1 - New Zealanders 1st Innings

John Reid batted over 6 hours in the visitors 1st innings and scored 161 off 362 balls with 12 fours to give the New Zealanders a chance of a win.
There were also half centuries to John Parker and John Morrison in a dominant batting display.

New Zealanders 1st Innings 402/5 Declared (Overs 157)

JG Wrightrun out Wasim Raja/Saleem Yousuf 45856530
GM Turnerc Saleem Yousufb Naved Anjum13382320
JF Reidc Atif Raufb Wasim Raja161375362120
JM Parkerc Saleem Malikb Mohammad Nazir jnr6822921940
JFM Morrisonnot out 5320818420
MG Burgess*c Atif Raufb Tahir Naqqash10543900
IDS Smith+not out 34536002
JG Bracewelldnb
MC Sneddendnb
GB Troupdnb
SL Boockdnb
extras (b4 lb4 w4 nb6)18
TOTAL 5 wickets for402

1-40(GM Turner) 2-82(JG Wright) 3-242(JM Parker) 4-331(JF Reid) 5-358(MG Burgess)

Tahir Naqqash222721
Naved Anjum223721
Iqbal Qasim488980
Mohammad Nazir jnr3611651
Wasim Raja257611
Saleem Malik40260

John F Reid.jpeg
John Reid batted over six hours for an innings of 161
Pakistan Board President's XI v New Zealanders - 3 day match - at Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad - 1980/1 - Pakistan Board President's XI 2nd Innings

New Zealanders spinners Stephen Boock and John Bracewell took 7 wickets between them pn a pitch that was Taking Spin to almost give their side a win, but the home side's tail held on for a Draw.
Openers Shoaib Mohammad and Rizwan-uz-Zaman were again solid for the home side, before the tail saw out the last few overs.
Man of the Match was New Zealanders John Reid for his 1st innings century.

Pakistan Board President's XI 2nd Innings 114/8 Closed (Overs 53)

Shoaib Mohammadb SL Boock28827210
Rizwan-uz-Zamanb SL Boock24756140
Mansoor Akhtarc IDS Smithb MG Burgess012700
Saleem Malik*c JFM Morrisonb SL Boock21696220
Atif Raufst IDS Smithb JG Bracewell15800
Wasim Rajac GM Turnerb JG Bracewell4302500
Saleem Yousuf+b SL Boock3101000
Naved Anjumnot out18494310
Tahir Naqqashc SL Boockb JG Bracewell10161800
Mohammad Nazir jnrnot out4161300
Iqbal Qasimdnb
extras(b0 lb0 w0 nb1)1
TOTAL8 wickets for114
1-51(Rizwan-uz-Zaman) 2-52(Shoaib Mohammad) 3-52(Mansoor Akhtar) 4-54(Atif Rauf)
5-77(Wasim Raja) 6-82(Saleem Yousuf) 7-85(Saleem Malik) 8-101(Tahir Naqqash)
GB Troup63110
MC Snedden61170
SL Boock198394
JG Bracewell133283
MG Burgess71141
JFM Morrison2050

Stephen Boock took 4 wickets for the visitors
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