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Who should be the captain of PlanetCricket CC?

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Tasmanians, never make their tiny minds up. And people relax, i now announce myself as a player, who will be captain only if Blake wants me to. I`m starting to get bored of this. :spy
I'll just put my name out there, solid number 5 batsmen who is well suited to the job.
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After a long delay for unknown reasons, we are back for the start of the second day. Let's review the first day quickly - it was one that PlanetCricket absolutely dominated. Despite a strong opening stand from Middlesex, it was Hooper who struck back, snaring 5/44 from 21 overs in a sensational performance. Middlesex crumpled for 190 on a reasonable looking pitch, but from then on for PlanetCricket they dominated with the bat. Blake and McDonald got off to a great opening partnership and at the end of the day they had put on an unbeaten stand of 98.

So, at the end of day 1, PlanetCricket are 0/98, trailing by 92 runs. Let's get into the action.

Blake and McDonald have just walked out into the crease, let's see how they go.

PlanetCricket quickly brought up their hundred runs with a single from Jake McDonald. Now he had moved on to 48, and was not far at all from his first ever senior 50. Could he bring up the milestone, or would he choke? But the answer was simple - he didn't let himself get under pressure, and the first ball he faced on 48 was glided away through the field for four. That was his half century, and what a knock this had been from McDonald.


McDonald brings up his half-century

J McDonald 52* (125), 7 fours
PlanetCricket: 0/104 (39.1 Overs)

The partnership continued slowly until Blake had a nervous moment on 45. A shorter ball from Richardson nipped off the pitch and Blake fended at it with a clear deflection going through to the keeper. However, the umpire ruled that it had in fact hit Blake's arm and it was given not out - replays showed this was a correct decision. Blake lived to fight again.

Finally, after a few more nervous overs, Blake brought up his half-century with a dashing flaunt of the bat outside off-stump. Fortunately, he got all of it, and the ball raced away to the boundary, leaving the diving fieldsman no chance.

Blake 50* (134), 5 fours
PlanetCricket: 0/119 (45.5 Overs)

Middlesex desperately needed a wicket now - this was not looking good for them. But nothing was doing for them - their keeper was letting through byes, and Blake and McDonald were looking in red hot form.

Match Summary
55.0 Overs
PlanetCricket: 0/140
Blake 60* (164), 5 fours
J McDonald 67* (168), 8 fours
T Murtagh 0/19 (9.0)
D Evans 0/12 (5.0)

PlanetCricket trail by 50 runs

With PlanetCricket in complete control, Middlesex were looking out of it. Blake and McDonald had settled in fully to the crease and the runs were starting to flow. Blake gave the crowd some entertainment - after a slow hour with not many boundaries, he provided one with a superb six over cover as he flayed his wrists at a wide one. The run-rate was now pushing three an over and the two batsmen were now pushing lots of singles.


Blake clears the boundary rope

With still just over 40 minutes remaining to lunch, the race was on - could either batsman make their century before the break? It seemed that McDonald was keen - after a few more overs of nervous singles he punished Murtagh with a beautiful straight drive and a delicate cover drive to push to 85. This was high quality batting from him.

From the 10 overs after the 55 over match summary, PlanetCricket had made 0/37, with Blake hitting 17* off 28 and McDonald hitting 18* off 33. This was exactly the run rate that they would like to play at all day - or perhaps a tad more aggressively towards the end.

Match Summary
65.0 Overs
PlanetCricket: 0/177
Blake 77* (192), 6 fours, 1 six
J McDonald 85* (201), 10 fours
T Murtagh 0/42 (14.0)
D Evans 0/26 (10.0)

PlanetCricket went on to bring up the 200 mark in the 71st over with Blake cracking a pull shot to the boundary for four. This was unbelievable - it looked like the PlanetCricket team had gotten a major dose of 'Overpowered Much?'. Yet these two weren't technically that great - they were just batting brilliantly.

With 9 minutes to lunch, both batsmen had moved to 92*. It was going to be interesting to see if either of them could bring up their centuries.

But then, disaster struck. The two batsmen were beginning to free up and play their shots - however McDonald played one too many. He tried a very innovative cut shot from a bouncer almost at his head, and he ended up feathering one through to wicketkeeper Scott. It was a disappointing effort from McDonald to fall in the 90s - but credit had to be given to his superb knock under pressure. Now it was up to Troy Lerana to survive for 5 minutes - surely not a hard task.

J McDonald c Scott b Silverwood 94 (223)

72.1 Overs
PlanetCricket: 1/203
Blake 93* (213), 8 fours, 1 six
C Silverwood 1/49 (21.1)
A Richardson 0/58 (22.0)

Lerana, who was coming off 20 in the last OD match, wasn't in great form and he needed runs to steady himself. He managed, however, to relieve some pressure by getting off the mark on his second delivery, working one through the leg-side to pick up the run. Now the opportunity was presented to Blake - with just 9 balls remaining, he still needed 7 runs.

He took the opportunity. The first ball he was on strike was a glorious on drive down the ground for four, moving him on to a nervous 97*. However, he didn't have any time to worry - the next ball was struck fiercely with an unorthodox pull shot down the ground for four more. That was his century - and what a knock.


Blake brings up his century with a pull shot

Blake 101* (215), 10 fours, 1 six
PlanetCricket: 1/212 (72.5 Overs)

Blake finished the last over off with a boundary over the leg-side for four to cap off another superb session for PlanetCricket. What a great start for them.

Match Summary

74.0 Overs
PlanetCricket 1/218
Blake 106* (218), 11 fours, 1 six
T Lerana 2* (6)
C Silverwood 1/58 (22.0)
A Richardson 0/64 (23.0)

PlanetCricket lead by 28 runs

Side Note: I know it's kinda lame that my guy got 106, if anybody thinks I'm cheating just say and I'll post up the artMoney tables for the entire team.. that would reveal how well your random number did, but oh well.
Look Blake, YOU are the one doing this whole story. So if you get a hundred its no big deal(at least to me), but I would surely look to see how well my random number did though. Great update.
Well played men, bad luke Jake..

What's with all the Captain controversy, isn't Hooper doing a good job..?
Well played men, bad luke Jake..

What's with all the Captain controversy, isn't Hooper doing a good job..?
Thats what I thought?!

Haha, sucked in Jake, 6 six short. I was going to make you retired hurt on 99 anyways, so don't feel disappointed.
Well done Blake, but it wont be the only century for the match :sarcasm I was tempted to vote for myself but...i`l let my duck century do the talking. :sarcasm

Might be Off-Topic, but does being captain in ICC help anything at all? I dont think so based on my game.
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We're back here after lunch with a surprising situation on our hands here - PlanetCricket have dominated Middlesex so far throughout this match and they haven't shown any signs of slowing down. It's only the second day and we still have two sessions to play - it looks like PlanetCricket might go on to post a massive lead if they continue this rate.

Before lunch, PlanetCricket reached a massive 1/208 courtesy of 106* from Blake, who will resume, and 94 from Jake McDonald. Now it's up to Blake and Troy Lerana to continue the partnership. Middlesex are really doing it tough here - who would've thought?

Just a few overs into the session saw a large appeal from Middlesex. Silverwood's delivery to Blake seemed to have caught him on the pad in front of the stumps. The fieldsmen went crazy - they would be delighted to see that man out. However, the umpire decided to prolong their torture - shaking his head. It was fair too - the ball was swinging down leg side, Hawkeye revealed. So, Blake was going to stay on 107*, and that was bad news for Middlesex.

Match Summary
80.0 Overs
PlanetCricket: 1/225
Blake 108* (241), 11 fours, 1 six
T Lerana 7* (19)

The run-rate was drying up now for PlanetCricket; Blake had scored just two runs from his past twenty-three deliveries, whilst Lerana wasn't a whole deal better. Finally, Blake got frustrated and smacked one down the ground.. for four. The next ball got the same result - although this time it was a square cut through point which raced away for four. That was a bit more encouraging from Blake - why couldn't he bat like that all the time? Still, Troy Lerana was yet to find the boundary.

But Troy Lerana never was going to find the boundary, as it turned out. In the 87th over he played all around a straight one and it thudded directly into his pad. This time there was no hesitation from the umpire - there couldn't be. It was absolutely plumb and Lerana was gone - a soft dismissal from the number 3.


Lerana is gone after a woeful shot

T Lerana lbw b Evans 9 (39)

86.5 Overs
PlanetCricket: 2/245
Blake 122* (266), 13 fours, 1 six
D Evans 1/33 (11.5)
T Murtagh 0/43 (15.0)

Now at the crease was batting all-rounder Gary, who was fresh from a solid stint with the ball after he took 2/42 yesterday. Here would definitely be a good chance to prove himself as a first squad regular. There was plenty of time - and no rush.

Blake and Gary batted the next few overs steadily, pushing PlanetCricket's score past 2/270. However, finally the inevitable wicket came. Blake played a ridiculous shot to Timothy Murtagh, offering no respect at all, and it caught him in front of the wickets. It was another LBW dismissal and another soft one - finally Blake was gone. Still, it had been a superb knock and PlanetCricket were well on their way to a big total now.


Blake finally gets beaten by Murtagh

Blake lbw b Murtagh 135 (291), 15 fours, 1 six

95.1 Overs
PlanetCricket: 3/271
Gary 9* (25)
T Murtagh 1/56 (19.1)
D Evans 1/42 (16.0)

Now at the crease to steady the innings - or not - was the hard hitting Callum Gray. He had introduced himself to Lancashire warmly cracking a quickfire 70 in the OD match and he definitely was one to look out for. He was showing a lot of potential already with his clean hard-hitting and it would be interesting to see how he performed in the first class arena.

But Gray hardly had time to get acquainted - Evans and Murtagh were finding some superb lines and with the new ball they were swinging it all around. It was too tough for Gary - just 9 balls after Blake's dismissal he went too. Suddenly, the collapse was on - three quick wickets were gone. Gary prodded an edge towards second slip, spelling the end of his innings. Middlesex were getting right back into this match - although they needed a lot more.

Gary c Godleman b Evans 13 (29), 1 four

96.4 Overs
PlanetCricket: 4/275
C Gray 0* (5)
D Evans 2/46 (16.4)
T Murtagh 1/56 (20.0)

Now, PlanetCricket dearly needed a steadier - and here was Brendan Gutteridge arriving at the crease. Would the Gutterman be able to rescue PlanetCricket now? He had put on a good partnership with Gray in the OD, so these two weren't strangers to batting with each other. For now, they had 47 minutes to survive before tea where they could re-assess their position.

It was rebuilding time for PlanetCricket - but that was far from what actually happened. Just the next over, Callum Gray fended at a wide one which swung late and he got the outside edge, a delighted Scott taking a simple catch. He was gone! Middlesex were on fire - the collapse was happening! This time it was Murtagh who picked up his second with a superb delivery - suddenly Middlesex were back in it. It was quack quack quack for Callum Gray.


Quack QUACK!

C Gray c Scott b Murtagh 0 (8)

97.3 Overs
PlanetCricket: 5/275
B Gutteridge 0* (2)
T Murtagh 2/56 (20.3)
D Evans 2/46 (17.0)

What a horror collapse this had been from PlanetCricket.. could they claw themselves out of this? Now it was quietly spoken wicket-keeper batsman Amiya at the crease (P.S. If anybody wants a better chance at a first-team spot, swap to a wicketkeeper because Amiya isn't overly active.)

Amiya was very aggressive at heart - probably not what PC needed right now, but he was who he was. He didn't waste any time getting himself acquainted, smacking Evans away for two quick boundaries to move to 9 from just 7 deliveries.

However, it was the change of bowling which did the trick - none other than part-timer left medium Andrew Strauss. It wasn't often he bowled at all - but now he had his third FC wicket to show for it. Amiya was gone - a short innings finishing up as he had his leg stump knocked out by a surprisingly lethal inswinger from Strauss. He managed just 13 in his knock and now Middlesex were on fire.

Amiya b Strauss 13 (20), 2 fours

102.4 Overs
PlanetCricket: 6/292
B Gutteridge 4* (13)
A Strauss 1/14 (4.4)
A Richardson 0/77 (29.0)

Following Amiya's dismissal, as he trudged back up to the pavilion stairs, a strange noise resembling a motor grew louder and louder. 'Oh no,' was the collective sigh. For it was Hooper, being escorted to the middle in a limousine. He waved at the crowd as he drove past before eventually climbing out of the door and to the middle of the pitch, where he promptly did a Jesus pose.

"Oh yuck, he's not wearing any clo-" exclaimed one of the fielders, but Hooper had already moved the cricket bat into position.

Hooper immediately started whacking at the crease (not dirty), smacking Andrew Strauss for a boundary - maybe Straussy wasn't such a good bowler after all. He moved on to 8* off just 10 deliveries - perhaps he could go on with this start unlike Amiya. If PlanetCricket could post over 400 now they would be definitely happy with that - when it seemed like a certainty before.

They lost another wicket though to continue the pressure - and it was Hooper, who was not happy. He was given out LBW from the umpire who had obviously taken a distaste to Hooper's nude Jesus poses. The ball looked to be going down the leg-side at first, but it straightened up, and Hawkeye showed it would've taken Hooper's leg stump out of the ground. Hooper promptly signalled his limo and rode off the field.


Bye Jesus

Hooper lbw b Silverwood 9 (15), 1 four

107.2 Overs
PlanetCricket: 7/313
B Gutteridge 16* (26)
A Strauss 1/29 (7.0)
C Silverwood 2/75 (29.2)

Now there was a lot of pressure on young Covvy. He had to survive for nine nervous minutes before tea, and Silverwood was bowling his dangerous medium pace darts alongside Strauss' famous pies.

But PlanetCricket made it successfully to tea - Covvy hit a nice boundary in the last over, and Gutteridge looked in good form by stroking two delicately through the field for four in the penultimate over. At tea, PlanetCricket had suffered a big collapse but overall still were dominating the match with a comfortable lead.

However - what a dreadful session that had been, PlanetCricket losing 6/107 to get themselves into some trouble when they could've easily had a huge lead. After the 203 run partnership between Blake and McDonald, nothing else really clicked and they struggled.

Match Summary
TEA Day 2

110.0 Overs
PlanetCricket 7/325
B Gutteridge 24* (32), 4 fours
Covvy 4* (10), 1 four
A Richardson 0/78 (30.0)
C Silverwood 2/79 (31.0)

PlanetCricket lead by 135 runs
I'm :crying back in the dressing room.
Poor shot selection by me, what was I up to. :noway

Still in a great position even though that collapse.
Great work Blake, KIU!

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