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May 7, 2021
I really thought that Qasim was a risky pick but good to have him in the end.
My team thus far
1. :saf: :bat: Barry Richards
2. :eng::bat: Graham Gooch
5. :saf: :wkb: Kyle Verreynne
8. :pak: :ar: Imran Khan
10. :pak: :bwl: Iqbal Qasim


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Apr 5, 2009
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Longevity in the game is always a difficult thing to actually define. Some players naturally play their best games later on in life. Some players never play Tests until they're already older. Other players play early on in their careers and have a long gap between Tests. Some of them naturally come late to the game and still do well.

1. @ddrap14 - John Berry "Jack" Hobbs
Jack Hobbs had a damn lot of excellent innings in what normally would be considered the twilight of a career. His highest Test score of 211 came at the age of 42. And he wasn't even done there. He continued to score century after century. The amount of FC centuries he scored is...wow. A hundred and ninety-seven. The hell? Awesome pick. Stunning pick. Amazing pick. (Have I mentioned that I like this pick?)

2. @Neptune - Clarie Grimmett
You might ask...who? Grimmett had just the one 5-wicket haul at the age of 40, against the West Indies in 1931. Let's just say that a WI fanatic, I'm glad we had George Headley in the squad for that match. Grimmett is something of an underrated spin innovator - a lot of the variations he bowled were also independently being developed by other leg-spinners, but he was not to know that. He did what worked for him, and it wasn't really his stock ball that got you out, it was the variations.

3. @ahmedleo414 - Sydney Barnes
After a solid start in this Draft, you and other members have been battling for the same player in the past few rounds. Syd Barnes is one hell of a pick, taking wickets on a regular basis past the age requirement of 40. And a hell of a lot of wickets he took too. Age just made him better it seemed. One of the better picks in this round. Fight with sanchit and Aislabie over it, lol.

4. @CerealKiller - Vijay Merchant
The first few lines of his CricInfo biography says it all - for a batsman to even be compared to Bradman is a feat in itself. Unfortunately we don't have too much footage of the guy, which is something a a big missing thing in cricket. Whenever people talk about the best Indian batsmen, they always look at Sachin. My personal favourite is Laxman. But Merchant is right up there with the absolute best, not just in India, but in cricket history. Statistics be damned.

5. @Aislabie - Syd Barnes
Barnes was a player and a gentleman in his time. It's no wonder he turns up in a lot of Drafts on a regular basis. He's just that damn good.

6. @Yash. - Lance Gibbs
Yash finally gets back on the board with a pick that comes straight out of the top drawer. Lance Gibbs is, by some people's estimation, THE best spinner that the West Indies has ever produced. And for good reason. He never let anything go for runs. He was just relentless. The guy never needed to vary line and length much, he just developed, over time, the ability to spin the ball with good bounce at will. The guy was a fingerspinner with piano fingers...long, often bruised, awesome.

7. @sanchitgarg - Syd Barnes
It happens. This is a Round by Round Draft, so not everyone will get their preferred picks all the time. One final thing about Barnes - he once was told that while he might have not had the googly in his arsenal, he simply said, quote..."I never needed it." He sure as hell didn't need it, that's for sure.

8. @Mittal2002 - William "Bill" O'Reilly
Well...talking about Barnes, here's one of the bowlers who built upon that reputation. Tall, fearsome, and at the batsmen constantly...he was a guy that was just made to bowl fast. But he couldn't. And he always seemed to not enjoy that fact. You must keep in mind that he took 27 wickets in the Bodyline series as a spinner. Nobody recalls that. He was a great cricketer and personality right up until the end.

9. @qpeedore - Shivnarine Chanderpaul
Just about squeaks by for about three months, I believe this innings makes him eligible. What has Shiv not done in his career to keep the hopes of us home fans up? He can bat from now until bowlers get so fed up it's not even a match anymore, it's them versus him. And he'll never gift you his wicket.

Notable misses: (will add)

I expected more batsmen this round, I got a lot of bowlers. That's unusual. Barnes was the clear pick here. You guys can edit in your team lists, I'll update the stuff at some point. Apologies for not being on top of things with the first post.

The teams thus far

:sri: Mahela Jayawardene :bat:
:nz: Richard Hadlee :ar:
:aus: Adam Gilchrist :wkb:
:ind: Mohammed Siraj :bwl:
:sri: Kumar Dharmasena :ar:
:pak: Misbah-ul-haq :bat:
:eng: Jack Hobbs :bat:

:eng: Len Hutton :bat:
:aus: Clarrie Grimmet :bwl:
:aus: Fred "the Demon" Spofforth :bwl:
:wi: George Headley :bat:
:saf: Keegan Petersen :bat:

:aus: Shane Warne :bwl:
:ind: Kapil Dev :ar:
:aus: Donald Bradman :bat:
:nzf: Devon Conway :bat:

:pak: Wasim Akram :bwl:
:ind: Shubman Gill :bat:
:ind: Srinivas Venkat :bwl:
:pak: Inzamam-ul-haq
:ind: Vijay Merchant :bat:

:sri: Kumar Sangakarra :wkb:
:eng: George Lohmann :bwl:
:nzf: Jack Cowie :bwl:

:eng: Wally Hammond :bat:
:saf: Graeme Pollock :bat:
:wi: Lance Gibbs :bwl:

:aus: Mark Taylor :bat:
:saf: Shaun Pollock :ar:
:wi: Joel Garner :bwl:
:ind: Mushtaq Ali :bat:

:eng: Graham Gooch :bat:
:pak: Imran Khan :ar:
:saf: Barry Richards :bat:
:saf: Kyle Verreynne :bat:
:aus: Billy O'Rielly :bwl:
:pak: Iqbal Qasim :bwl:

@qpeedore's extra team
:wi: Chris Gayle :bat:
:eng: Stuart Broad :bwl:
:wi: Malcolm Marshall :bwl:
:ind: Washington Sundar :ar:
:wi: Gerry Gomez :ar:
:pak: Waqar Younis :bwl:

:wi: Shivnarine Chanderpaul :bat:

Unavailable players
Mahela Jayawardene
Len Hutton
Kumar Sangakarra
Wally Hammond
Mark Taylor
Graham Gooch
Chris Gayle
Shane Warne
Fred Spofforth
Richard Hadlee
Kapil Dev
Wasim Akram
Shaun Pollock
Imran Khan
Stuart Broad
Adam Gilchrist
George Headley
George Lohmann
Don Bradman
Graeme Pollock
Joel Garner
Barry Richards
Malcolm Marshall
Mohammed Siraj
Keegan Petersen
Devon Conway
Shubman Gill
Kyle Verreynne
Washington Sundar
Kumar Dharmasena
Srinivas Venkat
Jack Cowie
Gerry Gomez
Mushtaq Ali
Iqbal Qasim
Waqar Younis

Deadline for the next round is...next Wednesday at 6am GMT. A recovery round will follow at Round 10, because this one isn't easy.

Round 9

Murali is the current holder of the Test bowling wicket record, with 800 wickets. This is the list of every wicket he has ever taken.

Pick a player who has played a Test against Murali, but has never been dismissed by him.

Good luck!
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