Cricket Captain 2013 scout v1.0 with name filter

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Cricket Captain 2013 scout

    Instructions :-
    1) Open any player profile in game. Switch to scout. Click on reload players.
    2) If you want particular player type his name in name filter and click on reload.
    3) If you want to display players with particular letters in their name type and click reload. (see screenshot for example)
    4) This is only a scout not an editor. So you cant change the values. Its only for scouting.
    5) Use arrow keys to scoll one player at a time or page/page down to scroll many players at once.

    Screenshot 1:(all players loaded)

    Screenshot 2: (name filter example)

    Download link :-

    Join this facebook group cricket games for downloading and also for the furthur updates. Because its unlikely, il post an update here. As its easy to upload/discuss about it on fb from my mobile.

    Enjoy :) :cheers
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  2. av_rocks School Cricketer

    Jan 19, 2012
    ICC 2013 Scout

    Hello Mate

    Where can i download ICC 2013 scout. Thx in advance.
    Av Singh

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