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Sep 2, 2007
The PC version of DBC is going to be by far the best version of DBC once it releases, but what will make it even more enjoyable is the gazillion mods that are going to be available for it and for the first time a cricket game dev has openly stated to support modding.

While its a little early i would think this will give us a head start and more clarity to both us and Bigant about the level of modification and support that we are expecting and that can be offered.

Cricket academy has covered a huge deal of thing that the modding community took upon itself to mod for previous games, mainly faces and teams.

So these are the other things that can be taken up for modifications.
would be cool if @BigAntStudios can tell the modifications that can be supported and to what extent. So that modders are able to concentrate on modding instead of searching for tools or hex-editing stuff.

1. Adding/replacing more sponsor LOGOs.If the ability to add extra logos is available will be more cool.

2.High Res texture replacement for most things like pitch outfield ,sky, skin etc.

3.Ability to add more hair/beard models, wouldn't want to replace them as it will contrast and mess up other players created in CA. IF a tool/method can be provided to do this it would be cool or otherwise if we can make more models and send it to BA and they can check quality and if its good update it on to CA also would be cool.

4.Menu and Overlay editing.

5.bats and accessories editing.Here also a method to add stuff would be better than just replacing.

Most of the graphics stuff are replacement modding than adding stuff except for hair/bat models.
So a tool to open up these files and their related scripts should be sufficient.

Config Editing:

1.Configs for AI, their batting modes,bowling mode, fielding mode patterns.
if possible or available further tweaking of their attributes.

2.physics configs

a. Ball physics, would love to play around those for fun as well as tweaking
for more spin or swing.

b.Pitch and outfield friction etc.

c. stump physics, esp the force required to uproot so that those that want
to see it cartwheeling often(which is unrealistic actually) can have it.

d.configs that affect batting, like timing, power, direction or whatever
physics configs that drive it.

3.Configs that drive environmental factors like probability of rain, wind direction etc.

For all these require these config files to be made accessible and also a what does what will greatly helpful at start.


1.Ability to replace the music files to add more flavors over time once we get bored of the default ones.

2.crowd ambiance and sound effects, so things like SC ambiance can be replicated if possible.

3.Commentary files, this is one area where previous cricket games apart from c2k2 i think have been not accessible, and at various points PC community has attempted to do commentary mods unsuccessfully mainly because of this, if this can be supported i think this would be successful this time around and add a good depth to the game.

Again just access to files in an easy manner through an tool and a few pointers as all this is replacement mostly.

Thats my list of things i would like to be modable in DBC.

The only problem i see with allowing all these modification is it can skew leader boards by changing game difficulty, like we can have superbats or stupid ai, scripted randomness mods to just cheat;), but i think its part and parcel of PC gaming and any day i would prefer being able to MOD over just a name on the leader board.

A workaround to this would be to sandbox mods like nexus manager does for skyrim and whenever the game is running with mods points shouldn't be taken or should be less, however if this is too much work we can certainly live without it.

While on this another thing if at all possible would be to have some sort of basic level API to interact with CA, so that we can have small apps for career stats suggested in another thread by biggs, or we can have small widgets in or outside CA showing how your leagues or doing.Again this is only if its easy for you guys and is time and cost effective.Also by no means anywhere near the top of wanted list.

Cant wait for the PC release to enjoy the game and have fun modding it:yes.
If i have left anything or something need to be added in that please list it here, looking to hear more ideas.:cheers
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Feb 17, 2012
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yup, all these little tweaks will make the game perfect on pc only because bigant have got the gameplay physics and engine right.


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May 22, 2004
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And i was about to buy a Ps3 for this game when i see this coming.....

June, come soon. :D


Sep 3, 2012
Hyderabad, India
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Never been a modder, but definitely looking forward to see what's in store. Y u no come June?


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Oct 6, 2013
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tough part is
when its june
for relase date n stuff

*(Couple of days to week may b)


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Mar 7, 2007
If it's going to have the same amount of customisation as cricket 07 or more, it's going to be a big success, first game in a while with some modding potential


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Oct 5, 2011
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I have DBC14 on console but will be getting it on PC. Why? Sorry console lovers PC kills consoles in almost every way.

Lets pretend the net-gen consoles are as good as a decent PC. What happens in a year after that. A decent PC will smack any console for 6 plus the longevity of PC games being able to mod etc simply makes it a better platform.

I still play Skyrim on PC and cannot imagine playing on console without the millions (ok thousands) of mods available. I'm not trying to come across as a PC elitist :)


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Nov 19, 2004
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Anytime people say this version is the best or pc is the best, I laugh at them and stop reading.

Kids are just too funny at times...

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