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Jan 22, 2008
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The game has been released! Post opinions here :)

Details in this forum, game can be bought on the Childish Things website here

Screenshots can also be found here.

Below is a summary of the new features, taken from the website.
Chris Child said:
International Cricket Captain is back for the fascinatingly poised 2010 season. With up to date competitions, greater realism, and packed with features and stats, Cricket Captain 2010 will once again raise the bar in cricket management gaming. Take control of your favourite side from the English County, International or Australian Domestic system. You control your team's fortunes. Have you got what it takes to be a world champion?

International Cricket Captain 2010 is the most detailed, accurate and exhilarating version yet of the number one cricket management simulator. We’re very excited to bring you a game which not only builds on the iconic series, but takes it to a new level. Can you succeed in the most realistic English domestic season yet, while taking your favourite national side to be top of the test championship? You can also try your hand in the most competitive domestic circuit in the world in the brand new Australian domestic season.

Offering greater control than ever, you will be instantly immersed as you battle to take your side to the top. Whether it is developing your youth players to be the next superstar, or signing the very best cricketers in the world, the Cricket Captain experience has never been so rich. The fast paced world of 20-over cricket is more realistic. With improved opposition and a re-modelled match engine, you’ll face your greatest and most realistic challenge yet in the newest form of the game. Guide your batsmen to get settled quickly and you can see them truly punish the bowling. Should you set defensive fields or try to restrict the scoring with quick wickets. Time things just right and you could produce a performance to win the world cup.

The English domestic season has seen a major overhaul, with a revamped and more competitive transfer system keeping the opposition teams in perfect balance decades into the future. You can now play two overseas stars in the expansive 20 over tournament as well as a reserve player if your main overseas is unavailable for selection. Playing the new Australian domestic career is a truly challenging experience. The quality of cricket is exceptional and the contract section pushes your talent, as you decide if the grade cricketers are good enough for your state team as well as which international cricketers you want to play in the 20 over competition.

Team and squad selection has been improved with new statistics views, including career strike rates for batsmen, new quick views for averages, and the ability to sort tables with a range of new filters.

International player ratings have also been improved in this edition, making the international career more realistic. With the 20 over world cup now occurring every two years, the hectic international schedule will offer another fantastic challenge in International Cricket Captain 2010.
Yeah, I was pulling at straws by the time I got to the 'Scorecards look linier' bit :P

And the UDRS bits (Struck in line etc) have been pulled from the release due to memory problems. Hopefully they'll be released as an early patch if Chris can work it out quickly.
Hahaha :D

Still, having Australian Domestic Teams basically doubles the longevity of the game by itself, so having that there is a major bonus :)

Could Sureshot/other moderator sticky this?
The first 3 are the major changes and the ones which make a difference
Thought that Aussies teams would be in and thankfully they are. Should increase sales aswell.

Some decent additions atop of this aswell.
The interface looks basically the same. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
The improved transfer system involves hiring 2 T20 specialist players for the tournament, and having reserve overseas players for when your main one is away on international duty for the rest of the season. Not sure on how the Australian transfer system works however.

And I would presume the simming penalty still remains.
Kind of.

By the end of the weekend is its expected release or the hoped for release.
Anyone know if we still get penalized for skipping matches? Might have to skip this game if they still do.

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