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Your Cricket Local Home Ground

Discussion in 'Cricket Discussion' started by AliB, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. AliB Mumbai Indian

    PCGMC Season 8 Winner The Amigos Mumbai Indians Adelaide Strikers PlanetCricket Award Winner AFG... India
    Oct 7, 2014
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    Mumbai Indians
    Yes, you guessed it right. We are going to discuss about thr local home ground of our respective club/academy/weekend.

    Try to use this as a form:

    Flood Lights (Y/N):
    Supports (:bat:/:bwl:):


    Your best memory:

    So whom are you waiting for? Start the discussion!

    To kick this off
    Stadium: Parshuram Tawre Stadium
    Location: Bhiwandi, MH, India Parshuram Taware Stadium - Bhiwandi
    Capacity: Nearly 1000
    Flood Lights (Y/N) :
    Supports (:bat:/:bwl:): Usually supports batting but sometimes its a great surface for spin bowling.

    Specialty is that I remember Usman Malvi, Ranji player for Mumbai has started his career here.

    Your best memory:
    My best figures 6/14 and a 154* are of this ground.
    Ashutosh. said thanks for this.
  2. DrewBi Club Cricketer

    Nov 24, 2016
    National Team:
    Domestic Team:
    New south Wales Blues
    Lismore, NSW, Australia
    My local professional ground:

    Stadium: The Gabba
    Location: Brisbane, Australia
    Capacity: 42,000
    Flood Lights (Y/N): Yes
    Supports (:bat:/:bwl:): Is quite consistent and good for batting but sometimes it is a bit green an moves a bit in the air.

    Your best memory: Watching the First Day of the first Ashes test in 2017.

    My local ground:

    Ground: John Rabjones Oval
    Location: Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia
    Capacity: 100 Maximum
    Flood Lights (Y/N): Yes but you wouldn't be able to play a game under lights because they're not that great.
    Supports (:bat:/:bwl:): It is very green and moves around a lot. Supports bowling.

    Your best memory: Scoring my high-score of 33* and taking 2 fa in mens.

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