Mar 24 - Australia v India (Quarter-Final 2)

India v Pak is all im thinking about-good show by yuvraj and raina
I'll have to take my words back on Raina(not on Dhoni:D)that we cannot depend on him
But above all, contemplate all that Yuvraj has been through in the last year. He lost his form. He lost his fans. He lost his fitness with an injury. Controversy followed him like a faithful pet. He lost his Test spot. He almost lost his limited-overs spots. He hung in there. And he's taking India past every hurdle in this World Cup. With bat, with ball, and on the field. Yuvraj, take a bow.
This is the bottom line.
tweaking brilliant game all around this!!!

hats off to yuvraj for seeing it through. excellent batting by tendulkar as well setting up the platform.

a special menton here for ponting. deserves the 100 and great batting display by him.

applause to binga and his fighting spirit.

overall, a fantastic match! thanks australia for such entertainment...

oh and one more thing......fearsome tweak OFF DHONI!
wowww Yuvraj and Raina saved their a*****
congrats team India.. YOu made the 3 times champs out of the tournament.. :thumbs
So, finally, Australian "World Champions" tag comes to an end after 11 years and 11 months!

Ricky Ponting has ended his World Cup career! You will be remembered for ever, for being the crucial part of Australian side for all their hatrick victories, by leading the team in latter two editions!
Yuvi > Ponting
Yuvi = Best ODI player int he world


:cheers :thumbs :D :lol ;)

:spy z
I feel that it was the Aussie bowling that let em down. On matches like this they really must miss a quality spinner like Warne.

Hopefully Bing will get well soon enough :thumbs

I will blame Punterr for this.... I was getting mad why he ain't doing anythingn to stop singles and doubles....
But nothing to take away from Yuvraj and Raina.. brilliant batting
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Yuvraj 4 MOTM in 7 matches. Averaging 114 with the bat, 24 with the ball (11 wickets). That's how you emphasize your importance to the side.
Finally, the revenge of the heartbreak inflicted on us eight years ago! :clap And, with this match, the sun sets on the glorious days of Australian cricket. It's a fantastic feeling.

Yuvraj FTW!

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