FTP: Noob thread

No. I used to spend about 15K on Youth and 12K on senior but decided that I can gain a lot more money if I don't invest.
I just got one question.

1/ Can you actually go broke or 'game over' if you overspend too much. Because yesterday was the first time I actually started spending my money. I think all up I spent around 150k.

- You won't be able to invest in academies/purchase any players if you are in Red.
- The game doesn't 'end' just because you are in red.

Game_Rules said:
If a team goes into debt, they cannot bid for players on the transfer market or invest in the academies until their balance becomes positive again.

When the weekly financial update is performed, if your youth or senior academy investment amounts would cause you to have a negative bank balance, the amounts are adjusted down, starting with the senior investment amount.

For example, lets say you have your senior and youth academy investment amounts set at $20,000 each. The financial update runs and calculates that if these amounts are applied your balance will be -$5,000. The game then adjusts your senior investment amount down to $15,000 for the week

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