4th ODI: Australia v England at Adelaide

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    2003 did have a heap of scrappy games. Just because the final was on a great pitch at Johannesburg, doesn't mean that the games at Port Elizabeth weren't crucial. Australia would have had no hope that year if they could not have handled those low scoring games just as well as the big high scoring ones.
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    Of course you might have the odd scrappy game but most of the games played in India thus far have been high scoring games. There is no way they are going to prepare green tops, the only way these sub 300 scores are coming are from the day games and I'd be surprised if they end up close as the team batting second will have much better conditions. Check the India v NZ ODI series, twice NZ posted scores in the scrap zone (240ish) and both times India chased it down with 5+ overs to spare.

    Sri Lanka is no different, the Compaq Cup in 2009 had the last two matches where the team batting first scored 300+ which included the final.

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