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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Auwais BARTHEZ, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the site or feedback post here.
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  2. ritwikgames International Cricketer

    Dec 17, 2001
    New Delhi
    I am presently looking for some hacks and stuff to make these forums better.
    There is some problem with ftp right now, but once thats sorted out I am going to upload some cool new avatars I found.

    Please post your suggestions here.
  3. Rangeela Guest

    yeah we definately need some new cool avatars
  4. UnderTaker Guest


    i have a good set of avtars/
    if u want it i 'd send it to u.. but those were d'l from the ikonboard site.. u can find 'em there also

  5. I think we need some new avators too.How about those old ones with flags,you can keep the new one too,but try and find a way of improving the old ones.And maybe a few more smilies,I think the new ones are good and amusing but maybe some sleeping or something.

  6. :rolleyes: I'm a great photoshopper (photoshop artist) if anyone needs professional looking cool avatars like mine made, or even better than mine:

    -from scratch
    -using pictures of players, etc.

    contact me....PM or EMAIL

    :up: :sw:
  7. Once again, Auwais :angry: ....Manchester are redpussies not reddevils :osama: :fyou:
  8. sonic Guest

    I hope Ritwik reads Lisle's post there, perhaps we can get him to produce some cool avatar's as there seems to be a lack of decent ones available on the site (no offense!)
  9. UnderTaker Guest

    hey guys here is a set of avtars i have with me..hope u like it!

  10. UnderTaker Guest

    set 2!
  11. UnderTaker Guest

    set 3.. last :D
  12. UnderTaker Guest

    admins... u can upload these to the site if required...

  13. So that's where you got your avator from!I thought that was an avator of Kane from WWE.They are a bit realistic for my taste.Maybe Dragon xxl or sonic might like them. ;)
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  14. UnderTaker Guest

    ya.. i selected this 'coz it resembled kane... but i couldnt find anything suiting undertaker!!!

  15. sonic Guest

    :lol: well, its pretty hard to find ANYTHING suiting UnderTaker :D

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