Cricket Heroes Mods

Some quick notes about sharing your mods:


- if you're playing with Permissions Mode your mod data will be stored in %APPDATA%\CricketHeroes
- to access this folder, click on the Start button, type the text above into the search field and press Enter
- if you're NOT playing in Permissions Mode, your mod data will be stored where you installed the game/extracted the zip file


stadiums - data\pitches.bdb
shots - data\shots.bdb
players - data\players.bdb (import\rosters.csv)
teams - data\teams.bdb (import\teams.csv)
equipment - data\equipment.bdb
umpires - data\umpires.bdb
kits textures - models\kit*.png
face textures - models\face*.png
bat textures - models\bat*.png


- keep the folder structures (data\ or models\)
- make sure all the files are there!

@singhb: Do you mean the menu overlay? You can change the menus by using the Background Editor tool. Alternatively you can change it in data\backgrounds.bdb file.
He means overlay as in the scoreboard in the top left corner while you're playing, or when it shows stats.
Aaah, I see. It's in the set_gui.bmp file. It's the large boxes. Unfortunately you can only really do minimal changes to the overlays since they're dynamically sized to fit the screen.
From where can I find the domestic leagues file? I am thinking of adding another virtual league.
Sounds great. Would be awesome if you can replace all of the audio clips :)

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