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Oct 3, 2007
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Hi all,

please use this thread to request new features or modes for Cricket Heroes. Anything goes as long as it's a reasonable request :)

Kind regards
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How about a historical career feature, where you could start in say 1960, 70, 80, 90 and so on, and play through as either a player from that era, or as yourself. It could be like Be A Pro, or you could play as the whole team through till the current day and onwards.

Obviously this is going to be a long way off, as I'm not aware of a fully fledged career mode in the game yet, but it's just a suggestion.
I would definitely suggest a single player career mode thing.

Obviously for down the line, but I don't know why no cricket game has done it.

You could start with 3 practice games, and depending on how you do depends on who offers you a contract. Then from there you play 2nd team games (just add in B teams with random players for all the squads and they pick whichever players aren't playing for their first team from their squad).

Have some set criteria to aim for that results in promotion to the 1st XI, and then the aim is of course to be in the top 5 run scorers or wicket takers in the country and get international selection.

Clearly a lot of work to code, but such a mode that tracks your individual players stats through his career would be a nice feature, and I don't know why no other game has done so.

Edit// Within this mode you'd have the option of either playing the entire team, or just the one player and the game sims when you're not involved. Might be tough to come up with a way of having your player improve though ability wise.
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@harrisb & puddleduck: Good suggestion guys (harrisb: I think you suggested this waaaay back when I first started the game). I'll definitely add this mode as soon as the game is more stable. Which feature would you prefer first though - multiplayer or career mode?

@puddleduck: I had a beta of career mode working waaaay back. Essentially, you decided which role you wanted to play in the team - batsman, bowler, all-rounder. It worked a lot like RPGs do in that you have experience points which you increase by doing well (taking wickets, scoring runs, being awarded MoM, etc.) Depending on your role you could spend these points on improving your shots, delivery types, control, skill, etc. What do you think?
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Yeh that's the idea basically. I meant the difficulty is in finding the right balance, but I suppose you could have an easy/medium/hard mode whereby you get more of less points respectively.

With a lot of work, then it can become incredibly intuitive. For example, having the lowest economy in a ODI game is more important than in a First Class game, however that only increases your control. Taking wickets gives you the chance to add spin/speed etc... On a simpler level though yes, as you take wickets/score runs/take catches etc it gives you points to spend on improving the player.

Icc10 actually has something similar with the create a player function. As you take wickets and score runs it gives you more points to spend on improving the created player. It also tracks that players stats, however what it lacks is a path or structure.

I think playing in the 2nd team with random players and the odd county player you recognise who doesn't get into the 1st XI as you start churning out 50's and 100's or 5-fers and then the progression to county and onwards to international gives it that structure, a linearity and a reason to progress.

Bonus points for things like first hundred, double hundred, unbeaten hundred, guiding a team home etc... Would be fairly quick to get through as well if the game sims the moments that don't involve you.

If you could eventually become captain and at that point you gain control of the field settings and can use the rest of the players if you wish? Just thinking out loud really :p
I would love to devote some time to coming up with something closer to a proposal, but I'm very busy until May 21st... at which point I'll be very free for a bit.

Just posting on here is epic procrastination on my part :p
Sounds good, a bit like the Be A Pro in FIFA. So in theory you'd start with an overall rating of 70, with individual categories such as Accuracy, Consistency, Swing, Turn and so on also being rated out of 100. Then, like you said, as you progress through the ranks, maybe U18s, 2nds, and then the Senior Side, you'd get skill upgrades.

It sounds quite easy, but I'm guessing to code it all in would take a lot more work.

I think it would need some structuring as to how you progress, so like Puddleduck said, you could start with 3 practice sessions, or a net session followed by practice matches. And if you continued to perform well you might get a contract. You could play youth matches, second XI and then senior games. If you played well, you could be offered a lucrative IPL contract or other T20 contracts around the world, International central contracts etc.

I'm not a big fan of fulfilling requirements to get selected internationally, as that isn't how it works IRL, however if you performed consistently well, you could go on an 'A' tour, and then maybe be selected for a minor ODI/Test series against a so-called minnow.
How is fulfilling requirements to get selected not how it works? You score a lot of runs consistently, you get selected? You take a lot of wickets you get selected?

I'm not saying the specifics of it are shown to the player, but if you can force yourself into the top 10 of either run scorers or wicket takers then as you said you'll have a chance of being selected to an A tour (or just the test side if that's too tough to replicate). Of course maybe all your runs are in OD cricket and you put all your points in power, so because of your high S/R and decent average they pick you to come in the 20/20 side.

It'll be tough to balance, but I think initially setting some fairly rigid systems that work fairly consistently for selection will be easier to code and build from.


I think the aim should always be to achieve a central contract with your chosen nation. That's the goal, at which point you just need to maintain an average over 40 or bowling average under 35 for a year to keep your contract and place.
Or if you're an English batsman recently, you have to keep telling the press that you're not out of form and you don't have an issue with having not scored any runs for a year :p

Does your game have injuries over seasons? If it does, then that obviously opens up chances to maybe advance quicker. Say a middle order batsman gets injured, you have the best averge in the 2nd XI and get called up to fill in. You average over 40 for the game, so they give you another run. The player doesn't necessarily know this, but as long as they average over 40 they keep their place. The longer you keep a place, the more secure that place gets, the less likely they are to drop you when out of form.

There's definitely a lot of ways to approach this, and as I said, really just thinking aloud at the moment ;)

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