DBC 17 career mode too dominating

Master Bates

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Feb 20, 2018
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I bowl leg spin at hard difficulty but I get a lot of wickets and bowl pretty economically. My bowling is too dominant in first class cricket but in one day, I hardly get one wicket or two in a single match. Usually the batsman hit the ball then it hit their pads and if I have a silly mid on or close fielders, they take the catch pretty easily. Even on a green wicket, I am taking most of the wickets. + My team Yorkshire is too dominant in both First class and one day games. We usually win with huge margins especially in first class format. Please help!
What? You're not liking to win anymore? Well, then set the game on Legend difficulty with Hardest batting and Bowling. OR Custom batting and bowling and then lower all of your game sliders to 0. Keep the fast bowling speed to 100. And thank me after you succumb to your long desired defeat! Go ahead! Try n Play sonny! :D

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