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Sep 23, 2013
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Hey folks,

I have a very old version of ICC - the 2010 version. I'm absolutely useless at it, mostly due to a fixation with a terrible county side. I'd like to edit some of the player abilities (and, no, I CERTAINLY DO NOT PLAY ONLINE - DON'T WORRY). I once found on here a very basic player editor for the 2008 version which, importantly, worked with my system (often I get am error message linked to the fact that it claims I'm running Vista). This old editor seemed to work, for batting abilities at least, with the 2010 game even though it was a 2008 editor.

Anybody know where that editor is - or where I can find a 2010 editor that would allow me to edit some player abilities (bat and bowl) but which, importantly, actually works on my system. I'm struggling to find one - and about to give up on this game (the difficulty involved in being a Worcestershire fan!).

Many thanks.

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