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    It has only taken a good year or so of thought and action, but I have completed a Legend database. This one focuses on Australia.

    - Every Australian player to represent their country
    - 1.5 million pounds as budget for each team
    - All players are Scottish so they will not play for England
    - Inclusion of ICC World sides consisting of players from each country (replacing teams Dorset, Cornwall etc.)
    - Each team consist of 24 players, in order of appearance for Australia (from Bannerman brothers in the first years of test cricket to the Waugh's in the 90s)
    - All players have realistic ages from their debuts at 16/17 (eg. if a player has played 100 matches, they might have played for 5-6 years therefore they were born in 1979/80)
    - The international side of the game becomes redundant. All other players retire after the first season (be patient at the end of the season as it can take some time. It may freeze at the World Cup but that happened to me and when I restarted the game, it went through without a hitch)
    - Photos and emblems to be included in package!

    I hope you enjoy this new database for ICC 2002. I will endeavour to create a World Legends database (either each team as one country or IPL-type structure). The reason I completed this first is now, each player will have full stats in each team so it makes it easier and less prone to crashing.

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    Thanks mate. I am currently playing ICC 2002. And i will try your patch to let you know that it works correctly or not :D
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    May 23, 2012
    how do you apply this this database

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