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ICC News: Restructuring the ICC, BCCI Influence & more

Discussion in 'Cricket Discussion' started by War, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. teamindia Club Cricketer

    Jun 25, 2011
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    Decision Review System: DRS technology expensive, unreliable - Niranjan Shah | India Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo

    Half the boards do not even have money. How do they plan on funding this? ICC money comes from India...so technically BCCI would be funding this. Why should they when they do not agree with it fully? Also hotspot will not be possible because of military restrictions.

    I highly doubt it.

    what exactly has this done? The govt is trying to integrate two races that have not been friendly...what is the problem with this?

    Which part of IPL being domestic tournament do you not understand? County cricket had a similar restriction for a long time...which is even more ridiculous since it has only 2 players.

    Why should they? Just to fill ECB coffers ?? :D EPL can never be successful without Indian players while IPL will (and is already) be successful without EPL players

    IPL has unearthed some bright prospects for India - Ashwin, badri, rohit sharma. Also given some players make a comeback. As opposed to the English domestic cricket which has resulted in half the English teams being filled with Irish and south african imports.

    IPL requires no objection certificate from boards. All boards have to do is not give them.

    The demise of WI began in early nineties. And the reason the bouncers were reduced and their fast bowlers were effective. Thanks to Eng and Aus who had 2 votes then.


    So where do u get propose we get the money from ?? BCCI's primary mandate is to improve cricket in India....not in every board. ICC has to trim costs in other useless stuff like early conferences and DRS:cheers

    Good luck with that.

    I really like how English fans think so great and powerful of themselves :lol Just like their team thinks they are No. 1 everytime they defeat Australia :cheers

    You speak as if world cricket was flourishing before that. Thanks to Indian money we have teams like Ireland, netherland, bangladesh, Canada playing cricket now. Cricketers are being well payed as well. Taylor and Jayawardane can never dream of a million dollar pay check in their countries

    When as long as whoever runs the board does not intervene in BCCI finanicial dealings I think they would be fine. BCCI or for that matter any board would be stupid to allow other board make money using them.

    As an average cricket fan I approve. Statements like the below by some Lord of cricket make me want BCCI to boss ECB more. I cannot see why it would be so bad to have a stupid building in India.

    Let us not act like saints as if UK and Aus do not bully people or are not corrupt..Money makes good men go bad

    Look into how county cricket is played. They have player restriction

    Aus has International player restriction. I seriously don't understand this attraction to a domestic indian tournament.

    Yes most of the good performers came to the fore due to IPL. Ashwin is a great example. IPLs main motive is for BCCI to make money and to make sure their players get enough exposure. BCCI has never tried to hide it. I frankly do not see a problem here.uite sure the ICC would have turned it down. India just bullied that rule into e

    "Indian" premier league...so yes need as much Indian players to earn experience and money ..get over it:lol

    I am starting to hate these Ifs. If cricket was not popular in India it would have been great for the rest of the world. If football was not popular in England and if the rest of ICC countries had more population this would not happen :cheers

    It is what it is . Deal with it :thumbs

    Another Iffffff......

    I disagree. Weak teams need more exposure. India itself used to be weak not long ago. Same with England...Australia used to roll all over England :lol

    First win against Bangladesh :clap .....just joking...but seriously how come you lost 4-0??????

    Oh wait,....who cares about the truth

    BCCI did not exert pressure to outlaw ICL - Arendse | India Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo

    Are we talking about the Tony Greig who did not care about the well being of world cricket and joined Packer series to make a few fast bucks??? Or is this some other guy??? :rolleyes
  2. War Chairman of Selectors

    Feb 10, 2010
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    England, Australia, Italy
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    Lancs, Trini, United, Chelsea, Gunners, Pool, Juve
    ICC money comes from hosting global events such as the World Cup (50 & T20) and Champions Trophy before it. Along with selling TV rights to the various broadcasters from FTP programmes i think.

    The BCCI just has given cricket ICC more money given the broadcast capability that 1 Billion Indian fans bring to watching a cricket even. Which is one of the reasons for EG why the T20 World Cup in the West Indies was played in the day, so that it could maximize the possibility of the people in India watching the tournament at a convenient time for them.

    Also i already know that the most the boards cant afford URDS, i already said that is a mistake by the ICC right now. I have suggested in the future it maybe becomes a 50/50 thing between the boards & the ICC.

    But the fact is whether hotspot is allowed or not, if the ICC wants to use it - no member boards dislike towards it should matter. Thats how it should work in a proper governing body.

    Next year FIFA is finally deciding to introduce technology to football possibly & im sure not all countries will want to have technology in football. If FIFA decides they want everyone has to fall in line. Again that how things work in a properly structured sporting governing body.

    Doubt what exactly?. I made a lot of points in this portion of post.

    It has caused S Africa to lose some their most talented white players since re-admission most notably KEVIN PIETERSEN!

    In case you didn't realize, the majority of the blacks in S Africa dont like cricket you know my friend. They are more into football, just look at their national football team.

    The whites in S Africa like cricket farrr more. What S Africa cricket officials should be doing is trying to go into the black communities & try to build proper youth programmes so that blacks can genuinely like that game. Instead of enforcing foolish quota selection up until this day.

    In a proper governing body that could cause S Africa to get banned again.

    County cricket is not comparable to the IPL in any way. The ECB is a simple domestic format that brings in foreign players.

    The IPL is domestic tournament being fronted as a internal one, that was manufactured due to BCCI bullying. BCCI official have come out and admitted that:

    Club vs country? BCCI hardly cares - Times Of India

    I dont think you understood what i said that.

    When i said the IPL could be the EPL of cricket. I meant the IPL could be the cricket version of the English premier league, where all the best cricketers in the world play in the IPL with no rules restrictions. Just as how the EPL football league has no playing XI restriction on how much international players can play.

    Indian talent would not be stifled, once the IPL club investors in the auction balance their sides right with the good combination of:

    - Indian established stars
    - Talented young Indian stars
    - Established foreign stars

    Chennai Super Kings & previous Mumbai Indians teams were able to to this. So i see no reason why all the IPL franchises couldn't if that dumb "4 player international rule" restriction was not in place.

    No Rohit Sharma was in the Indian team long before IPL began in mid 2008. Rohit first shined on the world stage during the 07 T20 world cup & during India's ODI series win in AUS 07/08.

    Badrinath from what i understand from my Indian friend has been scoring heavily in the FC Ranji trophy longgg before the world saw him in the IPL & i was hearing for years that he should have been picked in the team after Ganguly retired. But the selectors went back to Yuvraj & other younger batsmen.

    Ashwin yes the IPL aided his rise to the Indian team. But he seems like a one of better Indian fringe players, so i would think even without IPL, performances domestically could have very well and propelled him to the national side.

    Y Pathan on my count is the only player who can credit the IPL for getting him to international cricket. But many other players like Vinay Kumar, Manpreet Gony, Ravindra Jadeja, Dhawan, P Patel who have gotten chances at international level based on IPL form have looked out of their depths.

    So as it stands the IPL isn't doing anything that the Ranj Trophy or MRF pace foundation isn't doing. Its just a useless cash cow, which is raping international cricket.

    On English cricket :lol i always have to laught at you outsiders when you try to belittle England for having foreign player WHO CHOSE to play for England.

    Its not England fault that its a 1st world country & players from around the world see coming to play in this country fro various reasons as a opportunity.

    But outside of KP, Trott, Morgan England have base strength is all English.

    Given the BCCI's influence in the game, the boards would not do that for the risk of getting on the BCCI bad side for some future need. Plus the players themselves especially from the weak financial nations such as SRI, WI, PAK, NZ could get pissed with their boards as we are seeing with the West Indies right now.

    The BCCI gives all those boards big money for their star players service, so the entire thing is corrupt.

    Early 90s?. No.

    More like late 90s after they were whitewashed on tours Pakistan & S Africa in 97 & 98.

    The reduction of bouncers also had nothing to do with the WI decline. They just to date have not produced the fast-bowlers of the level they had for 19 years after Ambrose/Walsh retired.

  3. teamindia Club Cricketer

    Jun 25, 2011
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    Yes. So technically money made by targetting India audience. Willow.tv had the 2007 world cup for like 249$. The moment India exited it was reduced to 49$. BCCI I am sure is very well aware of their worth and how much ICC makes because of them. ICC makes money in these events and gives every nation participation fee. The rest is used for development and operating expenses. If ICC is going to pay for this technology one of these fees is going to reduce. I don't think it is worth it. BCCI and every other board is unlikely to accept a reduced participation fee. The other option if for ICC to reduce the amount for associates which will be even more bad for the game. Cricinfo has more valid questions here

    Decision Review System: Why there is a need to discuss DRS in its present form | Cricket Features | Cricinfo ICC Site | ESPN Cricinfo

    That will happen if SL, WI, BCB, ZIM and NZ start making money.

    Trust me some boards , especially PCB likes this since they want to use this as a bargaining chip. ICC has some other changes to be discussed and PCB + some other boards are going to bargain with BCCI to stop them. I am pretty sure Ijazz Butt knows nothing about how it works.

    Just look at how Pak fans accuse India of manipulating technology to win world cup

    Was Hawk Eye Tampered with? - PakPassion - Pakistan Cricket Forum
    Ajmal still baffled by Tendulkar lbw reversal - PakPassion - Pakistan Cricket Forum
    Hawk-Eye dismisses doubts over Tendulkar lbw - PakPassion - Pakistan Cricket Forum

    You said an Independent and strong ICC will make sure there is no govt. involvement in PCB and PCB will flourish. You also pointed out FIFA an example. The last time I checked countries like Libya, Saudi all had football teams affiliated with FIFA. I can tell with 100% confidence these countries control every bit of their football leagues. Same with olympic association. A strong ICC is not an answer to PCBs problems. A strong democratic govt is the soln.

    You miss the bigger picture here. Based on the argument, since only White players like cricket ICC should have never banned any team from visiting them during the appartheid era. It sucks but this has resulted in some talented guys like Nitni and Tshobe (need spell check :clap). India has insane quota's for people from lower castes in education and govt jobs. They have done great many wonders. Have you seen a cricket match in SA? Blacks/whites/Indians all go and support South Africa with pride. This has definitely had an impact. Some white players do not get oppurtinity, so did many blacks during the appartheied era. All this does is try to integrate people. Sacrifices need to be made for the greater good.

    It was not like this till 1993. It was the master of world cricket. Not many people from Eng/Aus had problems. Although the rest of the world hated it :lol

    Did you even read it fully? What is the relevent section which says it is an international tournament? All its says they want an International feel. What does BCCI bullying have to do? If BCCI wants to start an Domestic tournament called "BCCI rocks" it is their right. ECB did not get our permission to organise county cricket. AUS did not ask permissing for Big bash. There was once a time when every India cricketer wanted to play County cricket for better pay. I dont remember anyone having problem then. 99% of IPL market is India. 7 players in each team is India. Highest paid cricketers are Indians.

    That is what champions league is for. If IPL was to do an EPL type tournament then BCCI would have share more profits with other boards even though 80% of money would stil come from Indian. BCCI should be crazy to do that.

    For the nth time it is an Indian tournament that BCCI wants to have absolute control. The quality of cricket may not be the greatest (compared to an EPL type tournament) but it has given the oppurtunity for numerous young Indian players to step up. I hope this will be benefinical financially and experience wise. CSK and MI are strong because they had brains not to throw away 900k on some Christian.

    Sorry Rahul sharma ..plays for patna.

    Yes because no one knew him. At the end of the day the best players do not get to play for the country. The captain should know them,...there are some zonal requirements in BCCI as well. IPL has give a stage for the to perform and get noticed more easily.

    No. Indian selection process in itself is a huge mystery. Venugopal Rao , R. Satish comes to mind. They are never going to play for India.

    I still don't get it. IPL is SIX weeks long. How on earth can it destroy international cricket. COnsider that SIX weeks as vacation time for cricketers. IPL audience is 99% India. The rest of the world is interested only in bashing it. Cricketers deserve to earn some money as well. If NZ board does not have money to pay, they should be happy somone else is paying them. NZ board also gets a 10% cut.

    Irony eh?? IPL players CHOSE to play in IPL. BCCI is definitely forcing Indian players to play. Probably they are forcing other boards to allow players to play. But they are NOT FORCING the foriegn players to be part of auction. The are there because they want money and THEY CHOSE to play. Reg. English cricket it is a pity that England has no home grown talent who is as good as these imports. That is why imports get selected.

    Yeah they come there since they know getting selected there is easy. Also there are so many loop holes exist for EU players with dual passports. What does first world have to do with this.These players are not from 3rd world countries anyway.

    This is not BCCI's problem. That is how everything works in the world.

    How does that make it corrupt ?? It is done since other boards complained they are not getting anything from IPL. I see that as a operating expense for the no objection certificates.

    Check the WI records before and after the law was passed.

    For DRS. I was replying to a quote on DRS.

    If you see my quotes you will notice English fans had immense confidence that ECB will want and force DRS for home series. They were confident that BCCI cannot bully them :lol. Look what happened :lol:lol Similarly the English team wins ashes once in 2-4 years and think they are no. 1. :lol I was justoking fun of the English team as well :cheers

    Where do you think their development money coming from? Indian audiences and Indian team. ICC makes big bucks because of the Indian market and then distribute the money to associates . Indian market by large margin cares about Team India. No one in India thinks Swan is a better bowler than Bhajji even though the English media keeps saying that and some recent records prove that.

    BCCI is "Board of Control For Cricket in India". They make money and this trickles down to state boards and other development activites. BCCIs mandate is not to make money for ICC and run other boards just because other boards are incapable of doing it.

    BCCI wants ICC HQ moved to Mumbai: report - Rediff.com Sports

    If we bring in more money and if we are the single most passionate country following cricket madly I see no problem with the HQ being in Mumbai. This guy wants to control ICC and make sure England tours Aus every 2 years !! But if BCCI tries to do the same it we are evil. This guy is an ex ECB chairman. These old guys just cannot accept India leading ICC. They speak as if they are saints but down at heart they want to exactly the same thing :noway

    As an average India let me explain why this makes us angry. We were an English colony for so long and England did not care about us till 1990 (politially and in ICC as well). They ruled and bossed us. No one in England had any problems. Same with every other international organisation. IMF always has an European head. World bank always has a American head. These countries have veto in UN (For heaven sake how did France get that :D). They have been misusing it so often. And then India opens the market, grows and we expect respect and power like these countries and that is wrong. ECB never had problem misusing power, ECB supporters had no problem with that. ECB did not care about developing cricket outside the tradional borders. No one had problems. But when India gets more control. Hell breaks lose. Everyone from Jack to Joe in these countries complain. Every day some fool has to write a book or give an interview of how we are bullying them. Aussies became no.1 due to 70% skill and 30% irritating people with sledge. The big ACB made sure it was "part" of the game. If BCCI tries to do the same with something....ah hah...how dare we do it...hell breaks lose again. This is what infuriates us. It is not going to change unless the world becomes a better place. Better learn to live with the big boss called BCCI :cheers

    I do not agree. It is as Indian as it gets. :p

    Again for the nth time IPL is an indian tornament. Everyone hates it for two reasons - owned by BCCI and makes so much money.

    I said how an average fan and BCCI views things. We are the cricketing super powers and everyone who needs money needs to fall in. It is our time (for sure times will change, when we will start complaining with you :lol) There is always an option to take a strong stand and refuse BCCI money...that is hard is it not? I wonder how ECB got the courage to ask for equal profit sharing in Champions league when most is going to be made in the Indian market. India needs a new Modi ;)

    I was taking about some hypothetical situations just like you :thumbs

    They are trying to pay more and control the cricket. Sounds fair to me.

    They were following the lead of ECB and AUS who banned Packer series. Nothing new here...just following.

    ICL was formed with one motive. Make money for zee tv, since ZEE had lost a BCCI contract.
    Indian Cricket League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ICL cared 0% about world cricket and poached many young players. People joined ICL because they wanted more money and were sure they cannot get selected in the India side....ICL was corrupt to the core. The standard of cricket was medicore. It had all problems that you have with IPL (player restriction etc.). Unlike ICC where member boards from time to time speak agains BCCI and is fairly still independent, ICL was fully dominated by one Indian. He controlled every aspect of the game from rules to selection to telecasting.

    So this brings us to the question on why I am talking about ICL here :lol and why Tony Greig is not part of " IPL & BCCI cronies"...

    You might have guessed it. The great Tony was part of ICL serving in its board
    Zee Sports denies signing of stars | India Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo :spy

    If ICL was authorized I am sure he would have had no problems counting the dollars. Cricket be damned..... BCCI >>>>>>> TOny ....
  4. War Chairman of Selectors

    Feb 10, 2010
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    Lancs, Trini, United, Chelsea, Gunners, Pool, Juve

    Yes that was an excellent article & the questions raised are extremely valid. Especially the one about how the system will be payed for.

    But the recent ridiculous ICC decision the make DRS mandatory without hawk-eye just because the BCCI does not trust it, has taken the potential sane discussion of the future of DRS 10 steps back-wards.

    Lets not drift too far into hypotheticals on what you think PAK cricket officials intentions may be in siding on the DRS issue.

    As i mentioned in that portion of post. A strong sporting governing body is suppose to have the authority to make a decision & implement it across the board without fuss.

    When i say no government involvement i mean, when the team actually plays on the pitch or team is selected the government cannot interfere.

    Perfect examples of this would be the 2010 world cup with the Nigeria & French governments.

    I dont know if you follow football my friend but after both those nations crashed out of the world cup in the 1st round their government made strong proposals to get involve in the revamping of the team.

    Then FIFA came out & said if those governments got involved those nations would be banned from international football. All football matters should be left to the countries sporting governing body. The countries immediately backed down & let their football federations deal with the team problems.

    Plus although government may indeed play its role in some influencing in the football federations of Libya & S Arabia. If they even have a situation like one described above on world stage, FIFA will ban them. Thats how a strong sporting governing body suppose to act.

    The situations back in the appartheid era was totally different to now.

    Back then the world was very racial. People of colour up until the 1980s in most parts of the world were still fighting for their rights.

    They few black/coloured players between 1890-1970 who may have been good enough to play for them is hardly relevant, given back then given how S Africa was structured coloures hardly knew about cricket, so technically S Africa didnt really miss out on a massive talent pool of playing coloured players in those 80 years.

    Fast forward now to the post apparthied era of 1992 to today. In a general post racial cricket world. S Africa decision to force coloured players into their team who aren't talented enough is an appalling decision, many S African fans complain about it regularly.

    S Africa have been lucky that they are generally strong enough to carry that passenger quota player in their squads/playing XI. But every now & then it hurts them.

    Under a strong ICC structure S Africa could never had implemented quotas on a international level.

    The champions league is whole different topic. Cricket cant have the IPL & C League in a yearly cricket calendar, thats T20 overkill especially when you have a T20 W Cup every two years. One of them has to go & its ridiculous that both have been given windows in the ICC FTP programme until 2020.

    If the IPL was the EPL like T20 league in which is did not have the international player rule restriction & teams were picked on merit.I dont see how it would have to share profits with other boards at all. It would still be all India.

    All that talk that they want to have an "international feel" is utter codswallop, they aint fooling nobody.

    As i said before. We understand the ICC is ████ duck organistion & the BCCI is basically the bosses of cricket due to the money power it has in the game.

    My point is simply that if the ICC was strong organisation, their is no way if the BCCI at the end of 2007, if they had brought up the proposal that they want to form an IPL that:

    - would run annually from Apr-May
    - have a international player restriction of just 4 players

    Their is no way a strong ICC would have agreed to that. Some compromise would have been made. But none needed to be made since the BCCI being the defacto heads of the game, just got everything they wanted, which is the ludicrous part to entire cricket world.

    How could no one know of him, if he was toping the Ranji trophy batting averages for the majority of the last 5 seasons?.

    I understand that. But i find it hard to believe that Ashwin would not have risen to the top had IPL not been around.

    Because quite obviously if players realize they can make millions play a diluted form of cricket for 6 weeks in year. It drastically changes what they see as important, thus the club vs country argument which threatens the future of international cricket.

    Cricketers especially from the weak nations such as NZ, WI, SRI, PAK were not poor before the IPL. All their star players were well payed & were among st the riches people in their native countries. Its just that compared to other sports notably football & basketball - cricketers never got that kind of money.

    I'm not too sure how you have managed to derived at a comparison with you ludicrous insulting comment on why foreign players play for England. Then drawing a link with foreign players in the IPL. The only irony here is your imagination here.

    With regards to the IPL point. WELL OF COURSE players would go to the auction, their is no way you can expect players especially from those weak financial nations to get that money offered to them & they not take the opportunity. That the erudite "carrot & stick" policy the IPL has thrown at the cricket world.

    The carrot = the big money, so as the attract the big players. So as the give the IPL an "international feel", since the IPL would be a even bigger joke without those stars.

    The stick = the international player restriction. The dumb rule in which the BCCI managed to bully the the ████ duck ICC into accepting as a precondition in commencing the IPL.

    You also should check your facts, England home grown talent is quite fine. Its just Trott, KP, Morgan in the team thats foreign. No one else & their is no young talented important on the county circut either, all local upcoming talent.

    No their is no easy selection for foreigners. Unless they are super talented like a KP or Morgan (Tony Greig, Allan Lamb, Robin Smith, Andy Caddick before them) which ANY team in world would take with open arms if they wanted to play for another nations.

    Players like Trott has to qualify & fight hard to eventually get a chance to play for ENG.

    Although i agree that many loopholes exists in EU passports. Thats one area ICC should work on closing like FIFA has done, since in cricket players can change nations way too fast.

    Isn't the west indies & certain African countries 3rd world???

    Spoken like a true BCCI official. :facepalm

    AKA they giving the boards nice money for their players service, so they can turn a blind eye to wrong that is the IPL.

    I know their record & i saying the law had nothing to do with their decline. It was just a simple reduction of the production of quality players, after they did so steadily for 20 years.

    Well as i said above, thats a question that the latest BCCI manipulated ICC decisions has further confused an already complicated issue.

    I am a bit disturbed that you saw the issue of England (and world cricket fans mind you) hoping that the ECB would be able to stand firm against the BCCI nonsense & allow the DRS in the hawk-eye format to be used. As a Joke, instead of not being troubled at how one cricket board has become so powerful, that we have to hope a fellow board can persuade it to do something that its in a minority opposition against instead of the games supposed governing body - the ICC.

    Even if developmental money comes from funds gained from Indian series cash revenue. That doesn't mean that they were the driving force behind those associate nations playing cricket.

    All of those associates were involved in cricket long before India began to rise as global power-house due to TV revenue they bring since that start of this decade. So quite clearly something else got those associating liking a playing cricket, instead of IND funds from the ICC.

    No im not saying that.

    I mean given in cricket we have the unusual & unique situation were the BCCI thanks to its cricket man audience, which treats cricketers like actors in hollywood. Have this massive money advantage in this small cricket community over every other nation.

    When it comes to decision that will affect the global game, the BCCI needs to act with interest of the global game instead of being bullies and looking out for themselves, which is what they have been doing.

    Given how selfish the BCCI is, i certainly dont want the ICC headquarters their anytime in the near future. So in that way i agree with him.

    But if the BCCI is put to its place and the ICC is revamped to proper strong governing body. Then as you said, given India's passion for the game, Mumbai would be the a very good place to have the ICC headquarters.

    Listen to me two wrongs dont make a right. Just because ECB (MCC) was the lone bosses for a long-time means that the structure of the ICC wasn't always wrong & thus you have to defend the BCCI terrible behaviour since they rose up as the new pwerhouse by saying its "our turn to shine". Thats is foolishness. Plus you cannot compare cricket back in the days when ECB (MCC) was the heads to what the BCCI are doing now.

    If you are au fait with you cricket history. You will know that cricket was posh sport that was created with just England & AUS at the start. They then gradually brought in teams & the game slowly spread.

    England (MCC) were quiet bosses. Their is no example since the ICC was formed in 1909 that you can give of the MCC bullying any little nation to get their way with anything. Absolutely none.

    The problem with the ICC strucute dates back to the Kerry Packer saga when the MCC & crickets poor governing structure was exposed as faulty. Since then 30 years ago, the MCC and all members should have sat down a made the ICC a more efficient governing body to try a prevent a Kerry Packer 2.0.

    But they didn't and probably thought that was on one-off event in the games history & now Indian's rise in power via the IPL is 10 times worse than Kerry Packet & their big influence is BAD for the game. If you dont see that & continue to maintain the stance that world cricket "has to respect the big boss BCCI", then my friend you are delusional.

    :facepalm. My goodness gracious shows how much you know about cricket history.

    The ECB & ACB never banned the Packer series sir. When the parties went to court Packer won the case in 1977 and that how WSC went on for 2 years and at the time everyone felt that cricket was doomed at the international.

    Packer ended when Packer himself & the ACB came to a decision at the end of the second season to trash out their differences (along with other factors i cant remember right now) & WSC ended. Then slowly put surely all players world wide were gradually integrated back into their national sides

    ICL was formed with one motive. Make money for zee tv, since ZEE had lost a BCCI contract.

    I dont believe that he would. Since even at the time of the ICL formation after the end of 2007 T20 W Cup. The whole cricket world was no gravitating to this entire T20 league concept, it was mad confusion.

    Which is why players like Bond & Yousuf signed to the ICL before the IPL thinking tit was legit, only for the ICL to get banned and causing NZ & PAK losing two of their key players for no fault of their own.

    The ICL being being formed also was another example of the weak ICC structure. Since that tournament should have never been able to be formed also.

    IPL is just as corrupt as the ICL. The IPL is just doing its corruption on a more subtle basis, dont fool yourself.
  5. War Chairman of Selectors

    Feb 10, 2010
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    Lancs, Trini, United, Chelsea, Gunners, Pool, Juve
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    Nov 2, 2009
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  7. teamindia Club Cricketer

    Jun 25, 2011
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    Here comes another sour apple. One anti-india article per day. Cricinfo has found the right way to make sure non-indians to visit their site. This makes sure they "escape the suffocating effect of total dependence on Indian fans to run the site . " :lol:lol

    I have been thinking of replying to the previous email for quite some time, have not found enough time
  8. sifter132 Panel of Selectors

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    New South Wales
    I'm not sure it's BCCI bashing. The only time he mentions the BCCI is with the DRS negotiations, and that is only fair since India seems to be the ONLY country that doesn't like DRS. Doesn't that deserve a mention? I like DRS, but IMHO it's GOOD that BCCI has raised concerns about it, because that will make the system stronger in the long term.

    Chaps has been a notorious hater of the ICC - AS A WHOLE - for a long time now. He regularly rants about their ineffectiveness whenever their name is mentioned in the commentary box. I imagine that hatred started years ago, back when the ECB had the most power on the ICC. So turning it into a Chappell hates India thing is wrong.
  9. Gurjot95 Chairman of Selectors

    Apr 16, 2008
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    Kings XI Punjab and Manchester United
    Ludhiana, Punjab

    I don't see any Indian fan that doesn't like DRS. Only BCCI has to blame, even Indian players favors DRS.
  10. mohit_dude10 Club Captain

    Apr 8, 2009
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    Chappell isn't particularly just talking about BCCI but he is pointing out how politics is involved in ICC's decisions and how a member board can influence certain decisions. Like India getting an unofficial window for IPL or no ZIM/BD tour to India for next 8 years. Also its quite puzzling why ICC reduced the T20 World cup teams to 12 while just few months back they were endorsing that it is the best format for associates.
  11. War Chairman of Selectors

    Feb 10, 2010
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    England, Australia, Italy
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    Lancs, Trini, United, Chelsea, Gunners, Pool, Juve
  12. teamindia Club Cricketer

    Jun 25, 2011
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    Atleast one journalist has the guts to speak the other side of the story

    The Spin | Kumar Sangakkara: a credit to his sport and his country | Andy Bull | Sport | guardian.co.uk

    I am fed up of FIFA comparison. The comparison Holding made was even more childish. FIFA will exist if England is kicked out or brazil is kicked out. No one FIFA member contributes more than 50% of money for running the sport. BCCI contributes around 70% due to its participation in ICC events. Boards are making around 3 times more when Indian team visits. A better comparison would be UN permanent council. It sucks...we dealt with ECB and CA bullying for around 50 years..now deal with it... BCCI will definitely request an FIFA type model once their control slips away :lol
  13. teamindia Club Cricketer

    Jun 25, 2011
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    Atlast some time to reply to this huge reply.

    Not going to happen till someone can challenge BCCI financially. Even after than they cannot be run without fuss. NHL has a fairly independent board and still has lots of politics.

    Pak govt. does not select players. They select board officials who then select the players.

    "Although" ??? Lol nothing is independent in Saudi. FIFA is acting stupid since they have absolutely no control. I am sure saudi money has a part to play as well.

    Not relevant?? How come Pieterson is more relavant?? He is one of the few players who did not get a chance (remember there are only 11 players)

    It is not appalling. A country out of apparthied cannot afford to have 11 white players. It is a symbolic move. And who are the not so talented people in SA squad? And when does it hurt them? I hope you are not suggesting SA is choking because of colored people :facepalm

    Under a strong ICC, ENG and AUS would have been banned from cricket for supporting apparthied for so long. So yes in that sense it would have been useful.

    Who are you to decide it is an overkill? IPL as I have mentioned over and over is an Indian league and targetted to Indian audience. T20 worldcup needs to be a once in 4 year affair. If that happens everything can exist peacefully.

    As an Indian I do not see why IPL should be EPL. The current format is perfect. It helps Indian youngsters to mingle with the big guys. And yes if teams were made with foreign players it will be hard to sell the concept (CL is not a big hit in India). Also BCCI will be more dependent on other boards since they need to give a no objection certificate.

    International fans should not be delusional. I and many others watch it for Dhoni and Sachin. Not Gilly and Hussey. Yes their participation is good but the tournament will not die if they are not there. Indian domestic cricket in general is not advertised a lot and national players do not play in them. That is why Ranji is not so popular.

    And the other boards are blameless for agreeing to BCCI.

    For the nth time IPL is targetted towards INDIA !!!. Only a stupid ICC would have forced India to have more than 4 players for a tournament targetted towards India. There is money in the tournament because of INDIAN players and INDIAN appetite for cricket.

    Because Ranji is not advertised as IPL. So most of us hardly follow them.

    There are some good upcoming spinners in India. Ashwin, Mishra, OHja etc. Ashwin got noticed because he plays under Dhoni and BCCI is now under the control of Chennai guys :lol It will not take long for him to disappear without IPL. It has happened a lot before when talented players did not get any opportunity to represent Team India.

    So what is wrong in that? Till 1990 a Govt. job in India was the absolute ambition of every youngster. But today with the economy opening there are better opportunities and more money in pvt sector. Is that wrong? Absolutely not. Everyone deserves the right to earn more money if there is a chance. If people are more interested in Int. cricket, they can either earn billions and fund the games. Alternatively they can become cricketers and not be tempted by millions. This talk of club vs Int is plain stupid and selfish from the so called followers of cricket. Given a similar situation they will chase the millions.

    What is insuting? If Peiterson gets selected it means he is more talented than the home grown guys..truth sucks at times :p

    Probably we need a Communist version of ICC. Again a stupid and selfish comment. And reg. IPL being a joke without stars, we can equate that to the English team being joke without its imports :D

    I repeat English home grown talent seems to be bad. That is why they get imports.

    I find third world a derogatory term. Probably can be replaced with "Robbed by First world" countries

    Thanks Mr. Clarke....ooops war.

    I disagree. They have not produced one intimidating fast bowler after that.

    I was just pointing out to the overconfidence of English fans that they would be able to stand against BCCI.

    ICC gets money from sponsorship of ICC events. This is then distributed to all boards + used for development. The more money ICC gets the more that is put into the development of cricket. And most of these sponsorship comes for India. In the past Associates would have probably got peanuts compared to what they receive now.

    It is not BCCI's problem they have the largest viewers. Welcome to a capitalist world.

    Spoken like a typical English man :lol

    I fail to understand this hatred for BCCI. It is not like the world is a just place. Above all BCCI does not kill people. Probably they make a few billions. People like Tony and Boycott should concentrate on removing veto powers from UN. WB needs an Asian chief, IMF needs an African head. Once the world becomes a just place, BCCI would follow suit and give equal rights to everyone. Until then BCCI is one place where India can shine :thumbs

    Did Internet exist then? If there was I am sure Indian and other Asian players would have said a lot about MCC/ECB and CA clout. Sunil G and Wasim Akram still talk a\bout those good old days...

    If you think a 100 year old sport is in danger because of a 6 week tournament, then I guess cricket deserves to die.

    How many players played in Packer series and International cricket at the same time? None. So yes it was technically a ban. BCCI did not pick any ICL players, however the Indian supreme court allowed them to play for their states.

    ICL players are now welcome to join Int. teams

    I posted that to show Tony Grieg's hypocrisy. He had no problem joining a money minded ICL which was under no ones control. He should keep his opinon on IPL to himself :D
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2011
  14. Rehan_24 International Coach

    Nov 2, 2009
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    Another Bully by BCCI, After the non-participation of Indian players in the Lankan League that Sri lankans decided to postponed the event to next year. :facepalm
  15. War Chairman of Selectors

    Feb 10, 2010
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    England, Australia, Italy
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    Lancs, Trini, United, Chelsea, Gunners, Pool, Juve

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