India tour of South Africa - 2013/14

I am not sure why anyone hasn't raised any question over Dhoni as a test batsman? His batting was really horrible in this series. He plays well in the ODI's in any country but I can't say the same about tests. He started this year very well by making that double century against Australia but his test batting outside the subcontinent is still not good enough. He is our most experienced batsman in test team right now so he has to stand up and make some runs. His weakness outside the off stump with the ball swinging away has been clearly exposed. I saw him making some adjustment in the first test by taking guard on the middle and off stump but he still failed. I hope he can improve in the upcoming series.

Finally people are appreciating Rahane. He needs to get enough chances to prove himself. It was good to see him among runs, he has good enough technique to survive overseas. I just wanted him to get that 100 today because that would have been his first test century and that too in South Africa against South Africa. It would have been such a special moment for him but hopefully he will get more chances in the upcoming series and will perform even better.
Well I cant agree with blamming Dhoni for being not so effective,bad time comes for all.But I do agree with Rohit's bad form.He has been terrible and showed no responsibility.He is back to the Rohit we saw in the Srilankan tour before where he went on getting out for ducks.Looking at the ways he got out at this series he may lose his spot and Rahane may replace him not so long from now :rolleyes
I really thought I would get to see Kallis batting in a test one more time. Don't know why he wasn't promoted up the order :(
that's the worry with rohit, he's been up and down and up and down. Kohli is sort of regarded as his peer but kohli kept improving and is now probably the best one day batsman in the world and turning into a very capable test batsman as well. rohit can't keep having good spells then playing terribley for ages, he's got talent but in the end it's just not worth the investment, especially when india still have an A team full of talented batsman.
If senior players like Raina & Yuvi are not ready to step up shouldering that 'reliable' responsibility in test level, I wouldn't blame Rohit though he is likely to fail 99% miserably in overseas conditions.

We would need one of Gambhir or Viru to be in form back, and Jadeja to shift to higher gears for that AR level in Rohit's place.
It is also surprising that a person with 3 triple centuries at the first class level can't even middle a ball. Jadeja's batting is absolutely horrible and he needs to work very hard on it to get that all rounder status.
Hom many here thinks that Rahane should be the opener for the ODIs?Anyway I think its needed.Anyway the tour is over and so am i moving to India vs Newzealand thread.:lol
Not sure how people write-off Sharma as a flat track bully only on his 2 appearances in Test matches on foreign soil. Could have been the same case with Kohli if he wasn't picked for the Perth test couple of years ago? Don't think if we can argue how good he has been since then.

Anyone else notice how Rahane has played in both his foreign tours? He looked wonderful when he stared in England, but woeful in India. Got a chance in South Africa again, and proved his worth.

The upcoming tour will be an interesting one if we do get green tops, but as others have mentioned, you're basically making your batsman vulnerable big time against a sub standard Indian attack.
That was not the first tour of Sharma overseas though, he has been so terrifying in quality pitches outside India always & not just 2 matches. Forgot when he opened the ODI batting in WI? I didn't see any difference from the way he batted between that time & now.

Rohit has potential but he needs to learn a lot, this isn't domestic circuit to let go easily if you fail. You need to be axed reminding you to learn harder & smarter & to come back with a bang! Who ever thought that explosive machine Viru will find hard to middle the deliveries? This is competition world & you need to step down if you fail and lot of youngsters having potential needs to step up for opportunities. No sympathies & no mercy!
Was talking about the Test matches.

In one of the recent Odi's here he did look to guard one end but eventually got run-out. The problem is that he's not consistently converting his starts, and tbf the Odi series was pretty much a disaster. Axing him right away does not solve the problem, and who wouldn't agree that Rohit Sharma is potentially better than any other looking to get into the Indian team.

Even Raina doesn't deserve to be in the team atm, if at all someone must be concerned about his place, shouldn't it be Raina?
I meant his vulnerability against top bowling in quality pitches in general. Lets see how well he does in NZ, I would be surprised to see him again if he fails in NZ as well.
I am quite satisfied with India's performance in South Africa in the Test series, as SAF is no. 1 test team. We didn't collapse under 50 like PAK, AUS & NZ :D

Well played Rahane, Pujara, Kohli, Zak, Jadeja, Shami :clap:clap:clap

It will be interesting to see if Ishwar Pandey or Bhuvneshwar Kumar make it to Test XI in place of Ishnat Sharma in NZ tour :thumbs
Hom many here thinks that Rahane should be the opener for the ODIs?Anyway I think its needed.Anyway the tour is over and so am i moving to India vs Newzealand thread.:lol

Rahane and Pujara should be in ODIs

Ojha missing a series after ending one with a MoM award is incredibly sad.
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