Stickcricket Sign-Ups Closed, Fixtures Posted

I would join if it was just a English tournament or countries near England, no offense to the Aussies or people in the East.(By the way I Sign-Ups are closed)

If I was you Holdenator I would just do seperate tournies.
Just played Monty57.

SuperPiety (Kenya): 90/2 off 5 overs.

Monty (England): 9/5 off 2.5 overs.

SuperPiety wins by mercy Rule.
Just came up with an idea of how this could work. When you go into the room, check if any of your prospective opponents are in the room, in my case olsman, wolf, zorax and matto23, and challenge them to a game if they are. If they aren't, stay in the room for as long as possible, not playing games. Do other things, and check periodically, as if someone comes on then they will challenge you to a game. This could work for now as there are so many games that need to be played.
I played Holdenator.

I got 97 off my 5 and he was 0/51 off his 3.5 overs, mercy rule came into play.

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