Stickcricket Sign-Ups Closed, Fixtures Posted

Will Do, and I beat ILoveIreland, Not much goin on in the other group
Just an idea, make it:
Win - 3 pts
Tie - 2 pts
Loss - 1 pt

That way you are rewarded for playing more games. This would mean the finals have a better chance of being played. (as I can see it is unlikely all games will get played) It doesn't advantage me, I just reckon its a good idea.
Table Updated, i may extend the games, but would like most of them done by the New Year,
Subject Life and Death situation
Message The game is great, love and played it so much that Im now wearing eye glasses. Doctors recomend me stop paying but what the hell, Im a gamer for life.
Answer Ermmm... we don't really want to advocate excessive game playing... especially if it leads to permanent injury. Oh damn it. Yes we do. Send us a picture so we can show the world how much our people love us!

Kind of on topic but haha..there FAQ page is great
Hasn't anyone been reading my posts! I can't get on the game, let alone play anyone...

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