Discussion in 'General Cricket Forum' started by ricky123, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. hassan1823 Guest

    they actually did a good job but razzaq and afridi what a tremendous hitting
  2. Zain1612 Guest

    yes we won against zibawe again but nobody got the bounus point :sorry:
  3. hassan1823 Guest

    PAk won by 3 wickets and partenership with malik and younis
  4. cricket2004 Guest

    i cant wait for wednesday ive da tiekt :> i think the best match will be of wed's cauz its in karachi the best city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. cricket2004 Guest

    yess pakistan won n da enviroment was so coool
  6. Bilal Guest

    Yeah pakistan wonnnnnnnnnnn :thumbs:
  7. 601731 Guest

    pak beat sl easily.
  8. HArrIS Guest

    i also went to the stadium MALIK n YOUHANA were terrific to watch :thumbs:
    GO Pakisthani GOOOOO!!!!!! :clap:
  9. Dimuthu Guest

    Yeah... excellent batting by those 2.... Pretty bad batting by SL... bowling was OOooKkkk...

    U gotta admit tho absolutely USELESS umpires!!! Dilshan's out was unbelievable! If it wasn't so SAD.... i wud hav laughed at the spineless umpiring! Just bcos Malik was jumpin up and down he gave it! AFTER malik had given up as well!! The 3rd umpire givin Chandana stumped was EVEN WORSE!!! Givin the red light after Yunus dislodged bails w his helmet!! Good thing Chandana didn't move (was it desent? ;) ) Then after he found out that he was caught... he gave the green after on field ump spoke w him!!! I dunno y those 2 fools r given to umpire! It spoilt a great win for Pak.
  10. Zain1612 Guest

    pakistan for ever :thumbs:
  11. cricket2004 Guest

    hey harris in whcih enclosure were u in?
  12. hey can neone make the new pakistan kit for cricket 2002.i want to update the game
  13. nik Guest

    i'm sure someone will do it but post it in the correct forum!

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