Draft: The RNG Draft: Next Level

Hi all,
Should Ashutosh and Maddgenius not return prior to end of draft I will go through and do all theirs too.

CIJ Smith and Jofra Archer join Parth's team.

Round 11 coming tomorrow

I'll start with mine:
I'm going to go Ben Hilfenhaus, a bowler I grew up watching (when his back was fine)

And for @Parth D
Parth got a much worse bunch, I think I'll go for Frank King though.

My final pick, I really wanted to go with Saleem Altaf, however I already have 4 bowlers that bowl pace, and just Rashid Khan for spin, granted I'm already very happy with my team so far, but I feel like having one more spin option at even as a backup would take a lot of pressure off of Rashid, as such I went with Sajid Khan, he just made his debut with the Pakistan vs Zimbabwe series, he does have a decent record in domestic cricket, and plays as a bowling allrounder. I feel like him at 11, supporting Rashid would be a good chance for him to learn and eventually take over if needed.

I am very happy with the players I was given, Les Ames batting at number one doesn't work for him, as he's never batted higher than 4 in international cricket, but I feel like he should be able to handle himself, and with Amla, Benson and Kallis coming in right after him I feel like even if we loose an early wicket, we should be able to stabilize. As mentioned I have Kallis, Ahmed, Snow and Boult for a pace attack, with Ahmed only being brought in if needed.

Maqsood also servers as a power hitter in the middle order, as someone to score quick even if he gets out cheaply, because we have Ducat and Azam coming in next.

Overall very happy with this team.

My team:
  1. :eng: :wkb: Les Ames
  2. :saf: :bat: Hashim Amla
  3. :eng: :bat: Mark Benson
  4. :saf: :ar: Jacques Kallis
  5. :pak: :ar: Maqsood Ahmed
  6. :eng: :bat: Andy Ducat
  7. :pak: :bat: Babar Azam
  8. :afg: :bwl: Rashid Khan
  9. :eng: :bwl: John Snow
  10. :nzf: :bwl: Trent Boult
  11. :pak: :ar: Sajid Khan
Not ideal to get him at 11, but he is Richard Hadlee after all. Cant not go with him
Oke, time to autofill and finish. I'll start with Madd:
No. 7: An average selection, although I'll go with Chris Schofield- like Chris Lewis but less good

No. 8: What is it with Madd's player groups attracting English bowling all rounders? Craig Overton is probably the best choice here.

No. 9: Sri Lankan medium and he of the many characters, Kapila Wijegunawardene, is the best bowler here- it's not a good crop again

No. 10: Fred Titmus is a bit of a rescue for the average bowling unit so far.

No. 11: Tufty Mann completes a potent spin attack. This was a move I was less likely to do, if not for Richard Hadlee at three.
Now to autofill Ashutosh's team

2: Shai Hope's such a good choice for opener, I picked him in a draft where you can choose anyone
edit: was already taken, so to ensure the team has a keeper I have to go GJ Hopkins... sorry Ashutosh and Carl Hooper

3: RR Singh is really the only batsman here

4: He's slightly out of position but Martin Guptill is easily the best batsman here

5: Bert Sutcliffe- an all time Kiwi great

6: Another good pick- Angelo Mathews also fits as a fifth bowler

7: Shai Hope at opener really comes in clutch when the opportunity to select Warne presents itself

8: A bit of a comedown here- from a few mediocre allrounders, Manjurul Islam Rana is probably the best

9: Rizwan Cheema because I don't really want three spinners. What an awful lottery

10: Barry McCarthy is at least a bit better than Cheema right?

11: Big Richard Collinge may need to do some carrying

Analysis coming whenever I have time!


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Hi! Finally have time to do this:

1. :wi: :bat: Len Baichan
2. :aus: :bat: Arthur Morris
3. :wi: :wkb: Joshua da Silva
4. :eng: :ar: Wilfred Rhodes
5. :sri: :ar: Tillakaratne Dilshan
6. :aus: :ar: Bob Simpson
7. :aus: :bat: Shaun Marsh
8. :wi: :bwl: Michael Holding
9. :pak: :ar: Kamran Hussain
10. :aus: :ar: Tommy Horan
11. :aus: :bwl: Ben Hilfenhaus

:up: The middle order of champions- not only are a lot of my 4-7 world class bats, they can also bowl well too.
:up: Arthur Morris- the man who scored 196 in Bradman's final game- can give those guys a great platform.
:down: pessimistic about some of my bowling- while we bat deep, do we bowl as deep?

1. :pak: :ar: Shahid Afridi
2. :saf: :ar: Andre Nel
3. :wi: :wkb: Shai Hope
4. :wi: :ar: Wavell Hinds
5. :aus: :ar: Greg Matthews
6. :pak: :ar: Shadab Khan
7. :aus: :ar: Simon O'Donnell
8. :saf: :ar: Mike Proctor
9. :pak: :bat: Mohammad Yousuf
10. :aus: :bat: Neil Harvey
11. :wi: :bwl: Sonny Ramadhin

:up: Plenty of bowling options- there will always be someone to turn to to break a partnership.
:up: Yousuf and Harvey can score and score quickly, even though they are more orthodox bats- needed when they're as low down as they are
:down: We all know what the issue is here- low batting

1. :eng: :wkb: Les Ames
2. :saf: :bat: Hashim Amla
3. :eng: :bat: Mark Benson
4. :saf: :ar: Jacques Kallis
5. :pak: :ar: Maqsood Ahmed
6. :eng: :bat: Andy Ducat
7. :pak: :bat: Babar Azam
8. :afg: :ar: Rashid Khan
9. :eng: :bwl: John Snow
10. :nzf: :bwl: Trent Boult
11. :pak: :ar: Sajid Khan

:up: I can only really see two deadweight players here- nine valuable picks
:up: Bowling- even if Sajid is a bit meh, a main four of Boult, Snow, Kallis and Rashid is destructive.
:down: Three through six aren't brilliant even if Kallis is one of them.

1. :saf: :wkb: Mark Boucher
2. :ind: :ar: Ravi Shastri
3. :aus: :bat: Alan Turner
4. :eng: :bat: John Edrich
5. :aus: :bwl: Jason Gillespie
6. :aus: :eng: :ar: Billy Midwinter
7. :pak: :ar: Shahid Mahboob
8. :uae: :ar: Ahmed Raza
9. :aus: :bwl: Ranji Hordern
10. :saf: :bwl: Alan Dawson
11. :wi: :bwl: Frank King

:up: A very solid top four.
:up: Even under these constraints you got a good WI niche pick in Frank King.
:down: From five down there isn't much batting, and from seven down there isn't much bowling not called King.

1. :aus: :ar: Herby Collins
2. :ind: :bat: WV Raman
3. :nzf: :ar: Sir Richard Hadlee
4. :wi: :wkb: Gerry Alexander
5. :aus: :bat: Greg Chappell
6. :ind: :bat: Anshuman Gaekwad
7. :eng: :ar: Chris Schofield
8. :eng: :ar: Craig Overton
9. :sri: :bwl: Kapila Wijewardene
10. :eng: :ar: Fred Titmus
11. :saf: :bwl: Tufty Mann

:up: Richard Hadlee at three is a bit of a blinder, particularily with the batting lower in the order.
:up: The batting in the top six is very good.
:down: Maybe lacking some bowling, but also note that I had to autocomplete the team (I hope you're alright)

@Parth D
1. :ind: :bat: Navjot Singh Sidhu
2. :eng: :ar: Ben Stokes
3. :eng: :bat: Alex Hales
4. :ind: :bat: Shiv Sunder Das
5. :aus: :wkb: Peter Nevill
6. :aus: :ar: Marnus Labuschagne
7. :pak: :ar: Mushtaq Mohammad
8. :afg: :ar: Nawroz Mangal
9. :eng: :bwl: CIJ Smith
10. :eng: :bwl: Jofra Archer
11. :eng: :bwl: R Kilner

:up: A very talented batting lineup, that would be particularily good at LO level.
:up: Jofra Archer to knock some poles.
:down: Not a very good rest of the lineup. Partially, this was because I cocked it up and selected Frank King for him, when Qpee already had him...

1. :saf: :bat: Gary Kirsten
2. :eng: :ar: Brian Close
3. :wi: :ar: Sir Frank Worrell
4. :ind: :wkb: MS Dhoni
5. :aus: :ar: Andrew Symonds
6. :saf: :ar: Zander de Bruyn
7. :wi: :ar: Viv Richards
8. :ind: :bat: Ashok Gandotra
9. :eng: :bwl: Jon Lewis
10. :aus: :bwl: John Watkins
11. :ind: :bwl: Subhash Gupte

:up: He said it himself- Viv is Viv.
:up: He said it himself- That top seven is obscene for an RNG draft
:down: He said it himself- while other people get guys like Trent Boult and Ryan Harris, I've already used up all my good luck and get John Watkins

1. :ind: :bat: Ramnath Kenny
2. :wi: :ar: Phil Simmons
3. :eng: :bat: Winston Place
4. :pak: :wkb: Mohammad Wasim
5. :eng: :bat: CAG 'Jack' Russell
6. :saf: :bat: Bruce Mitchell
7. :eng: :ar: Hugh Bromley-Davenport
8. :pak: :ar: Javed Miandad
9. :ind: :ar: Shahbaz Nadeem
10. :aus: :bwl: Ryan Harris
11. :nzf: :bwl: Richard Hadlee

:up: The research on some picks here is big- Ramnath Kenny in particular.
:up: Javed has both a fierce desire to win and the skills to back up the mouth.
:down: Batting is a little weak. What's weaker is my miss of hadlee already being taken. Sorry

@Till Valhalla
1. :eng: :bat: Zak Crawley
2. :pak: :wkb: Kamran Akmal
3. :eng: :bat: Colin Milburn
4. :eng: :ar: Billy Bates
5. :sco: :bat: Kyle Coetzer
6. :ind: :ar: Bapu Nadkarni
7. :sco: :ar: Richie Berrington
8. :nzf: :bwl: Matthew Hart
9. :wi: :ar: Jason Holder
10. :nam: :ar: JJ Smit
11. :afg: :bwl: Dawlat Zadran

:up: A number of allrounders improves flexibility on both ends.
:up: Four associates doesn;t hurt the team as much as I thought it would.
:down: Some bang average Full Member players, however...

1. :eng: :wkb: Alec Stewart
2. :eng: :bat: Joe Root
3. :sri: :ar: Dhananjaya da Silva
4. :ind: :bat: S Badrinath
5. :pak: :ar: Shoaib Malik
6. :aus: :bat:Martin Love
7. :nzf: :wkb: Lou VIncent
8. :ken: :ar: Jimmy Kamande
9. :uae: :bwl: Zahoor Khan
10. :aus: :bwl: Clarrie Grimmett
11. :wi: :ar: Garry Sobers

:up: Sobers, even at 11, is a Test-quality quick... and offie... and leggie
:up: A surprisingly good batting lineup.
:down: Sobers and Grimmett have to deal with two batting allrounders and two associates as the rest of the attack, and only one dedicated pacer.

1. :pak: :bat: Sharjeel Khan
2. :eng: :bat: Ian Bell
3. :ind: :bat: Ambati Rayudu
4. :saf: :ar: Hansie Cronje
5. :ire: :ar: Kevin O'Brien
6. :eng: :bat: Patsy Hendren
7. :ind: :wkb: Dinesh Karthik
8. :wi: :bat: Gordon Greenidge
9. :nzf: :bat: John Wright
10. :afg: :ar: Mohammad Nabi
11. :pak: :bwl: Usman Qadir

:up: Quite a bit of batting.
:up: Also a good leader in Nabi- necessary with Cronje and co in the room
:down: Bowling. No depth at all.

@Ed Smith's Basement
1. :eng: :bat: Phil Mead
2. :pak: :bat: Javed Miandad
3. :eng: :bat: David Gower
4. :pak: :wkb: Mohammad Rizwan
5. :eng: :bwl: Jimmy Anderson
6. :aus: :bat: Geoff Marsh
7. :wi: :ar: Carl Hooper
8. :nzf: :bat: Rodney Redmond
9. :sri: :bwl: Ravindra Pushpakumara
10. :eng: :bwl: Jade Dernbach
11. :wi: :bwl: Patrick Patterson

:up: A great batting order, ignoring the elephant in the room
:up: Also a very good bowling lineup, ignoring the small flaw that Carl Hooper's your best spinner
:down: Not fully sure Jimmy would be most effective at five, but you know, do what you need to do

1. :ind: :bat: Mayank Agarwal
2. :nzf: :wkb: Gareth Hopkins
3. :ind: :bat: RR Singh
4. :nzf: :bat: Martin Guptill
5. :nzf: :bat: Bert Sutcliffe
6. :sri: :ar: Angelo Mathews
7. :aus: :ar: Shane Warne
8. :ban: :ar: Manjurul Islam Rana
9. :can: :ar: Rizwan Cheema
10. :ire: :bwl: Barry McCarthy
11. :nzf: :bwl: Richard Collinge

:up: Warne.
:up: Batting.
:down: Associate-heavy bowling, and the autopicks (I also hope you're OK)

Next draft coming soon!

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