Draft: The RNG Draft

Would have loved to get bumrah but Peter Burge was a respectable cricketer and for someone who played in the 50s, an average of 38 is well above par
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And poor old Yash, who literally drew the same RNG number for Rounds 9 and 8
He was a fine cricketer too, he just had a lot of injuries
1. Jos Butter
2. James Burke
3. JP Duminy
4. Angelo Mathews
5. David Houghton
6. Dinesh Karthik
7. Shivam Dubey
9. Shannon Gabriel
10. Usman Qadir
11. Sydney Barnes
@murtaza what’s so funny sir.
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What is so funny @Murtaza96
The fact he linked you the right discussion and you still posted it here?

Anyways. The RNG Draft is a draft we're running, basically a free-for-all draft but RNG determines what players you can pick from each round. This one's almost over but the next one- and yes, there is a next one, has a lovely little twist...

Edit: for the current participants, final round coming in an hour
It's player 11 time! The last picks for this iteration of the RNG draft are out.

I wanted a batsman. I got...
Literally nothing.

I'll have to go with :sri: :ned: Flavian Aponso, the oldest man to score a World Cup fifty and a better player than his stats suggest, as in his prime he was close to a SL National Team-level player.
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Can I just say I do not regret Vengsarkar over Verity today...

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