Australia tour of India 2023 - 4 Tests , 3 ODIs

Jadeja with the bat has always been shit in LOIs.

Especially with no Thala in the squad to spoon feed him.

If WC happened during this time it would have been the end of thia turmoil Dravid - Sharma era.

Well still have to bear them for 6 months atleast now.
Get out hit wicket or run-out , but don't give strike to Siraj ... :laughter::laughter::laughter:
With the plethora of options at their disposal, i don't see how they don't look beyond him for the World Cup at this point.
Sssh let them play him, both Australia & Pakistan do well against Sky!
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Sanju Samosa batting & Sanju Manju on commentary :')
Pandya > Sharma
We are easily the best away team in India!
Can someone reiterate why Kohli was sacked from captaincy?

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