England in Pakistan

Who will win the ODI Series

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Englands series against India will be interesting, with Irfan Pathan and Kumble performing, and Englands batsmen yet to make an impression.I don't blame the pitch conditions as its not the first time England have played there before, plus if it was Pakistan that played in England, would England blame the pitches? i doubt it, they'd simply say we outplayed them in all departments.

England need to come back to reality, after losing this series hopefully this will wake England up, just by winning the Ashes after so long, doesnt make you the best team in the world.

And their bowling attack hasn't been to convincing either.
Priyakant said:
India are ctap, Pakistan has got better players then them and are a better team.They lost the world cup final, the idoits I blame Tendulkar for evreything, where was he when India needed him most?, all he cares about is record. wherehas Inzy our great hero is a tru macth-winner and next to don Bradman, Tendulkar is fineshed, he is not anywhere near Inzy, think people.

Pakistan are the worlds best team.

Mate, take a chill pill.
I have no idea why Pak is scoring at this lethargic pace. They may be digging their own grave by scoring this slow. Two or three quick wickets and England will be right into it. Muhammad Yousuf has played so slow. If he gets out now he will make it very difficult for us to win.
Now Younis Khan is Gone. Pakistan have made things difficult for themselves by making udal looks like murali and blackwell look like vettori in their chase. I wont be surprised if they lose from here keeping in mind there is no inzi to follow. I hope Afridi can let his aggression take care of things.

Yousuf does it again. Makes a fifty for himself and then gets out just at the right time for the opposition. I have seen the same from him enormous number of times over his career. He continues to choke under pressure while his team needs him the most. Thats why noone will ever recognize him in the same bracket as inzi.
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FreddieFan said:
This is going to be close....

No Man this is not going to be close.Eng are gonna win (if they get razzaq quickly) no thanx to some despicable selfish batting by Yousaf. All he wanted was a fifty and then he got out sitting pretty in the dressing while other batsmen crumble under the pressure of run rate that shot up due to Mr. Yousuf's consumption of 80 balls for his invaluable selfish fifty. Way to go Yousaf, You have done it again. How the hell can Pakistani batsmen justify blackwell going for 29 with 3 wickets in 10 over. These will be his best figure throughout his career.

Pakistan need to dig deep and find out if they can ever win with out inzimam. Yousuf has clearly shown his inability to carry the torch.
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See ya later Rana...
One wicket left. Mohammed Asif I think...
EDIT: Its Kaneria.

12 required off 8...

10 off 5...
lollllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz i cant do anything else laughing....
what the hell..... isn't it funny.....
newayz congrats to Eng on their consolation victory... nice effort in the bowling department....
England win by 6 runs.
Jimmy A 4/48 off 10, The Yeoman 3/29 off 10. Udally 1/29 off 7. Some competition here forming for Giles, Jonesy (S), Virgil and KP...

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