It is here - finally - alpha 0.1 released!!!!


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Sep 16, 2004
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Do you have any information on the level of completion of the game????:) And also about the release date as well........
There is no message from jkarthik and even from legend master

This project has been going on since 2005 on and off

If it completes well and good. If not move on

Expecting a release date or any hope is day dreaming


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Sep 6, 2011
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This is it people! The day we've been waiting for since the past 5-6 years. :cheers

Its funny how things can change dramatically in life. Just 3 months ago, TAOC was considered dead and gone but tonight we've overcome the odds, got our acts together and started working on this alpha. Ever since we made a "comeback", the development has been in Top Gear.

The last week in particular has been amazing. We've pushed our limitations, sacrificed our personal lives only for TAOC and the love for cricket!

Anyways,let bygones be bygones.....

As mentioned in the interview with Matt, this alpha is more of a teaser, something to release and showcase what we are trying to achieve.
Since our motto has always been "Gameplay over graphics", the gfx levels as expected are below average whilst the gameplay and physics have been given the most focus.

Actions speak louder than words....... :yes

So here's presenting you, TAOC Alpha 0.1 (only took us 6 or so years? hahah)

TAOC Website mirror:

mirror (courtesy of Abhas - thanks mate!):

:thumbs **** Controls attached to this post!!!! MUST READ!!!!
:thumbs **** Also don't forget to choose you best resolution and graphics quality level

Hi Karthik, when I came to know about the art of cricket i felt really happy as I play cricket( in real) and i would like to see a good cricket pc game with good gameplay ( realistic swing , spin, bounce, edge( when not playing a swing ball or cutter carefully) or batsman got bitten by outswing, inswing, cutters(deviation of line of ball after pitching) to get bowled or edge, physics as per different pitch type and weather conditions and capabilities of bowlers etc etc. i tried the alpha release ..and guess what i loved it. and i love it more than cricket revolution, ashes cricket etc etc. I would like to help you in developing the game giving you ideas what a cricket fan expects from the game.

1. the bowling indicator should be removed, and bowler should be able to ball these four types of balls- short, good length, overpitched and full,
2. and these four type lines - off side zone, off stump, middle stump and leg stump/outside leg,
3. the accuracy of the ball will depend on the bowlers ability/attributes, (eg. if an average bowler tries to do an out swinger from middle and of stump within his speed limit he'll do fine, but if he tries to push his speed he'll end up landing on far outside off and swinging further away for a wide ball...same with length ..attempted short ball will become shorter, good length will become overpitched (easily played by batsman), yorker will be full toss if he bowls out of his threshold (fast bowlers speed threshold will be more for accuracy ).
4. for batsman part - A good batsman could see the ball early in the bowlers arm, so icon should be there reflecting the shinier side of the ball when it is new , so the batsman can predict which way the ball will swing / seam or googly or arm ball or normal etc etc and plan his shot accordingly. ( eg. a good batsman would see the icon pop up 2/3 seconds before the ball is released)...failing to do so he might(probability should be 90%) end up giving an edge or LBW or bowled.
5. same with legth/line for the batsman... it should pop up as an icon near the ball icon just when the ball is released....failing to play in the right line will cause him the same consequences as above.
6. placement will depend upon the above two ( how accurately played )
7. fielding and catching should be automatic and depend on the abilities

please reply what do you think about my idea. can this be done .. i am not a software eng or developer guy it might be difficult or might not be difficult to develop this type of game play. please reply..... and thanks a lot for your effort towards a good cricket game


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Mar 2, 2010
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It's been almost a year since the relase of alpha version. Is there ever going to be a full version?


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Nov 6, 2004
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Great work!!

Great work! :thumbs
please more sound for the stump, bat, ball etc
Need realistic ground and pitch more camera angle
please try to launch for ps3, also include online mode.


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Jun 22, 2009
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Great work! :thumbs
please more sound for the stump, bat, ball etc
Need realistic ground and pitch more camera angle
please try to launch for ps3, also include online mode.

I think you are out this world... !!!!!!!!!:D

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