Michael Clarke gives up Twenty20

Discussion in 'The Ashes 2010-11' started by aussie1st, Jan 7, 2011.

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    2 points: 1) On Paine v Wade: Paine is being talked about as a future captain, and getting him in at T20 level would be the quickest way to see him in a leadership role.
    2) His domestic OD strike rate is the same as his ODI strike rate (68.90 for Tas, 68.72 for Aus), so if you follow that trend, he should be able to match his domestic T20 strike rate in T20Is as well (143.80 for Tas, ??? for Aus).
  2. War Chairman of Selectors

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    All the talk of Paine being a future captain is a bit too knee-jerk dont you think?.

    I dont like this idea especially given the current situation of AUS team to be grooming captains for long term. You pick the best captain or vice-captain based on players who fixtures in your XI & who at the set time may show the tatical or leadership skills required to do the job.

    Paine is still very much a fringe player.

    His style of batting in ODIs is totally unsuited to T20 batting anywhere.

    The few times he has played T20I he has replicated his ODI style batting, instead of his domestic T20 batting. Which is not encouraging.
  3. angryangy ICC Chairman

    Oct 1, 2004
    The difference between Paine in one day and Paine in T20 is that he slogs to leg in T20s.
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    Clarke stepping down from the Twenty20 format is a very smart move. He needs to focus on the important forms of the game. It has never been his strongest form.

    I think with the side that has been picked, youth is obviously the strong point. Cameron White needs to be pushed further into the ODI team, get some Sheffield Shield form as well because I would like to see him play Test cricket again.

    There isn't many in that team that have ensured Twenty20/ODI selection so anyone who steps up could make a strong point to the selectors.

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